African Brand Development Summit

Even before the global war against Covid-19 is entirely won, Africa, alongside other parts of the world, must work harder at rebuilding from the economic ruins. In fact, Africa’s task will – more than ever before – be cut out for it as it adds a list of new challenges to longstanding ones.
  • Will its drive to make integrated economic development a reality in our lifetime bear fruit?
  • What are current perceptions about Africa’s ability to defeat the odds and what informs such perceptions?
  • What must Africans do to progressively eliminate negative perceptions about Africa and ‘being African’, in order to enhance the positive perceptions, over time?
  • What cultural, social, political, corporate, and economic initiatives will be needed to turn Africa into a winning continent as a unit, as well as through its component countries and regions?
  • What investments will be needed?
  • What legislative and policy initiatives must underpin such initiatives?
  • How can individual Africans, African businesses, and civil society be included and empowered to play a more influential role in all of this?
  • How can Africans in the vast diaspora, and others, be turned into more positive ambassadors for Africa?
  • How can Africa be made more attractive for African professionals and business leaders who are established in the diaspora, as well as others who can contribute positively to African development in various areas of human endeavor?
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