The 12th Asian Conference on Media, Communication & Film (MediAsia2021)

November 9–12, 2021 | Held at the Kyoto Research Park in Kyoto, Japan

MediAsia2021 encourages academics and academics to meet and exchange ideas and views in an international forum that encourages respectful dialogue. This event offers a unique opportunity to renew old acquaintances, make new contacts, build networks and facilitate collaborations across national and disciplinary boundaries.

Since its inception in 2009, IAFOR has brought together people and ideas across multiple occasions and platforms to promote and celebrate interdisciplinary research and highlight its importance. IAFOR is still involved in many sectoral projects around the world, including projects involving major universities (Virginia Tech, UCL, Singapore Management University, University of Belgrade, Lingnan University, Barcelona University, University of Hawaii, Moscow State University), brainstorming, research organizations and agencies (East-West Centre, Higher Education Research Center, World Intellectual Property Organization) and collaborative projects with governments and international government organizations (Japanese government through the Office of the First Office) Minister, United Nations in New York ), news agencies (The Wall Street Journal, JWT, HarperCollins).

With the IAFOR Research Center at Osaka University, we participate in several interdisciplinary initiatives that we believe will have a major impact on national and international policy discussions and outcomes.

IAFOR’s unique global platform facilitates discussion on specific topics, generates new knowledge and insights, establishes and expanding new international, intercultural, and interdisciplinary research networks and collaborations. We do not doubt that MediAsia2021 offers an extraordinary opportunity to share research and best practices and bring people and ideas together.

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