World Press Freedom Day 2021

The WFD 2021 is jointly organized by UNESCO, the government of the Democratic Federal Republic of Ethiopia, and the African Union Commission entitled.

This annual academic conference brings together researchers from different disciplines dealing with journalist safety issues. It also provides researchers with the opportunity to connect with decision-makers and media professionals.

This year, the conference invites non-academics, including representatives of civil society organizations, to participate in the event as “respondents”. The interviewer should criticize the findings and suggestions on how the research can be used to support the work of various stakeholders, including media organizations, governments, and civil society organizations working on shared strategies and goals to ensure safety. journalists, freedom of expression, and freedom of the press.

We hope that this complementary approach to the conference will contribute to our efforts to pave the way for greater integration and possible collaboration or to raise awareness among various stakeholders in the field and the importance of research.

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