Private Brands D.C. Summit

The Power of Private Brands

Already an area of significant growth, private brands experienced an even greater emphasis and spotlight in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now in its fourth year, the Power of Private Brands research series provides insights on numerous areas of opportunity for private brands to further advance and overcome hurdles. This session offers an early look at the 2020 findings and what they could mean for the future for both retailers and manufacturers. 

Round Table: Best Practices for Investing in Innovation and Compliance

Private Brands are an important part of your business, helping you increase customer loyalty, drive margins, and revenue growth. But do you have adequate systems and processes to support your program goals or are you still relying on spreadsheets, PDFs or legacy systems?

Join this Round Table hosted by Oracle Retail as we explore a number of issues including:

  • Agility: how quickly can you bring new products to market in response to the biggest change we’ve seen in consumer behavior in decades?
  • Transparency: are you able to provide the level of ingredient/material transparency and label accuracy that is increasingly expected?
  • Visibility: do you have enough visibility into your suppliers’ working practices and can you respond quickly to incidents?
  • Compliance: how are you responding to the FDA’s blueprint for Smarter Food Safety?
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