Unleashing Innovation In Internal Digital Communications

The objective of this summit is to bring together cross-industry leaders to discuss key trends and innovative approaches to Internal Communication processes. We offer a unique opportunity, in an intimate environment, to share knowledge between like-minded experts from a variety of different industries and professional backgrounds.

The Goal Of This Event

The objective of this two-day summit is to bring together cross-industry leaders to facilitate discussions surrounding key trends and innovative approaches to developments and challenges facing high level decision makers and their industries.

Points Of Discussion

  • Enhancing Employee Engagement to Boost Productivity, Improve Morale and Create an Overall

     Better Working Environment

  • Developing Effective, Sustainable and Scalable Internal Digital Communications Strategies,

     Processes and Programs

  • Creating a Cohesive Company Culture with Clear Communication: Allowing Employees to

     Internalise Corporate Values and Provide Their Feedback

  • Stakeholder Management: Creating Buy-in and Maintaining Engagement Across All Levels and


  • Power to the People: Using Content Created by Employees, Interactive Content, Gamification and

     Alternative Methods for Raise Engagement

  • Building Employees’ Digital Capabilities and Identifying New Ways of Working to Improve Internal

     Communications and Overcome the Pitfalls of Remote Work

  • Embracing Digital: Using Apps, Digital Signage and Social Channels for Employee Engagement
  • Creating More Effective Internal Communications with the Support of Emerging Technologies and

     Data without Forsaking the Human Touch

  • Boosting Internal Communication and Engagement by Turning Employees into Advocates and
  •  Measuring Success and Effectiveness of Internal Communications
  • Best Practices for Using Mobile, Video, and Digital Tools during Change
  • Trends and Strategies for Employer Branding and How to Identify, Train and Manage Brand


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