Top Conversion Optimization Tools to Boost Your Marketing in 2021

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has changed the digital landscape and has led to a different kind of digital boom in different industries. The average time spent online has skyrocketed and converting visitors into leads and loyal customers are becoming even more challenging. As user attention constantly shifts and is bombarded with other channels and content alerts, the user experience on your sites becomes increasingly important, allowing you to act as a driving and content magnet. Conversion Rate Optimizer can increase sales and bring customers to your page.

Remember this: more conversions mean more revenue. And that’s what every marketing and sales leader strives for. Optimizing your website is the first step in turning your visitors into leads.

Here are some of the best conversion optimization tools that can help you:

1.  Unbounce

With a starting price of $99 per month, Unbounce helps you build, convert and optimize your website according to your needs. The best thing about Unbounce is that it helps you get important information and tips about loading time and image size so you know what works and what doesn’t on your site.

2. Crazy Egg

One of the best conversion optimization analytics and tracking tools, Crazy Egg was one of the first vendors to introduce heatmap software that can identify areas of customer dissatisfaction and inefficiency on the site. This is undoubtedly a reliable provider if you are looking for a complete solution for your page. From click tracking, video tracking to photos of visitor behavior, and even a streamlined editor, you’ll find it all for a cheap rate of $24 a month.

3. Google Analytics

You will never go wrong with the big old Google, one of the best search engines on the market, easy to use, and always practical. Google Analytics is a worthwhile investment if you want to improve your CRO processes. It’s extremely flexible, free, and lets you know consumer usage, patterns, and demographics. You can also invest in the enterprise version, Google Analytics 360 for collaboration, and take advantage of cloud storage and advanced integration.

4. Lucky Orange

With an affordable base price of $10 a month, Lucky Orange offers the best thermal mapping software and helps you determine where visitors go to your page, return to your site, and more! While you may have stalker feelings, it is one of the best CRO providers for tracking your visitors’ behavior. Conversion funnels live chats, and visitor surveys are some of the most exciting features.

There are many leading providers of conversion optimization tools such as Adobe Analytics, mix panel, Browserling, and A/B Tasty that you can choose according to your needs.

What are the top features of these tools?

  • Data Collection and Analytics

The main feature of these tools is the ability to collect data and formulate analyzes to understand and identify the visitor’s individual and collective statistical data. Based on this analysis, sites can track their overall progress and improve their digital platform solutions. From wagon abandonment to customer behavior, you can keep an eye on everything and work on underperforming areas to increase your sales.

  • Wireframing and Prototyping

These tools assist in the structural development of the website based on the user’s experience and needs. They outline ideas and ways to optimize the site to give an idea and a final layout design. At the same time, prototyping involves updating these ideas with the help of design teams to implement and translate these ideas into digital reality.

  • Research

When AI creates gaps to fill, some tools rely on instant feedback and conversions. This is one of the simplest functions and by using these tools you can create an interactive relationship with your audience in the form of records, quizzes, pop-ups, etc. These tools help you actively investigate behavior and areas for improvement by direct contact with management.

Based on functionality, the tools help companies turn visitors into prospects and prospects, providing real-time onsite inefficiency solutions.

Examples of use in industry

Some examples of how conversion optimization tools have helped increase conversion rates include:

Landing Page Builders

Nobody likes to wait and the digital user is, without a doubt, much more impatient with the countless options available to them. The tools help you create efficient landing pages while optimizing elements like images and extra load on your pages.

Include Desired Actions / Buttons

By investing in these tools, you can create and add the action buttons you want to your page. From purchasing a product to filling out forms, you can create anything you want.

Automated Live Chats

With a personalized chat experience, your visitors can have an enhanced and comfortable user experience. You can include direct communication methods to make the customer journey easier and understand their needs.

Conversion optimization tools are essential to meeting the digital needs of today’s workflows and really facilitating your strategies. Boost your digital campaigns by investing in these tools and get the highest conversion rate results!

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