51% of Social Media Users Have No Interest in What Brands Post, Revealing Need for Brand Authenticity

According to a new Visual Objects survey, a visual guide to finding and hiring the best creative companies,51 percent (51%) of social media users in the United States are not interested in brands on social media.

Consumers post, comment, or share useful information (23%) as someone with a strong voice (9%) or a strong visual aesthetic (11%).

Social media experts such as Lara Schmoisman, CEO of The Darl Agency for Business and Marketing Strategies, advise determining the purpose of the content before publishing.

“Any content you generate must have a purpose: generate interaction with your users, share information, or something else,” said Schmoisman. “Content is king and consistency is queen.”

Consumers find branded products very promising

More than a third of social media users (36%) believe brands regularly publish content similar to clickbait, pointing to the dangers of content over-promotion.

Social media professionals recommend avoiding these common red clickbait flags on social channels:

• Titles that do not match the content

Shocking or sensational content

• Content that does not keep the promises mentioned in the title

Devin Schumacher, the founder of the digital marketing agency SERP, encourages brands to be proactive and create unique content to avoid mistakes.

“To prevent this from happening with branded content, you need to make sure that the content stands alone, without a call to action or publicity,” said Schumacher.

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