Clubhouse adds universal search, room replays, and cropping functionality to encourage sharing

The clubhouse is announcing several new features to improve functionality and engagement with the app while providing creators with more ways to maximize the value of their broadcasts.

The biggest addition is the new search function, which allows users to find more relevant content in the app.

As you can see in this example, clubhouse users can now find upcoming rooms, clubs, and events using a keyword search.

As explained by the clubhouse:

“It’s crazy that you can’t find rooms in the clubhouse… well you can, because today we start the universal search. It allows you to search for upcoming people, clubs, lounges, and events so you can find your friends faster, discover great clubs and events related to funny news or interests, and find rooms about specific things happening in the world right now. to happen.

Discovery has quickly become a pressing need for the app, with gradual expansion meaning more and more rooms filling the space, making it harder to find relevant and interesting broadcasts at any given time.

We see the same thing happening with live video streams – once anyone could stream, the quality ratio dropped rapidly as platforms were flooded with random streams of people looking into the camera lens. , screaming at the subsequent comments, among many other questionable broadcasts.

In recent weeks, the clubhouse has been through the same thing, impacting user engagement, while Twitter is also facing similar challenges to its sound spaces to ensure it always highlights the streams most relevant to each user.

Discovery is hard, and algorithms are even harder, and as such it makes sense for the clubhouse to focus on keyword discovery as a starting point, which they can then refine and improve upon to maximize usage.

The Clubhouse is also officially launching its new Clips feature, which allows users to share audio clips from the Club’s broadcasts.

To create a song, listeners and hosts can see a new song icon that, when played, records the last 30 seconds of sound, simplifying the sharing process. It’s still hard to say what the future holds for the clubhouse, with the meteoric rise of the seemingly well-made app and competing apps looking to hurt their growth potential with their copiers. If the clubhouse cannot provide a wide audience reach, it reduces its value to some extent, but the ability to reuse its content may also conflict with this, while discovery is still an important resource.

Therefore, these updates make a lot of sense and can help improve the perspective of the app as it aims to maintain and increase interest.

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