Communication lessons from new behavioral sciences in 2021

Communication lessons to be learned:

The extremely contagious and severe second wave of the coronavirus is waning. This wave has devastating consequences for millions of people, many of whom have lost loved ones. The growth rate of the infection surprised everyone and overloaded healthcare infrastructure. People snooped and lined up to get their hands on a cylinder or spent a lot to take pictures of black market dealers

. Popular media, especially TV news channels, exacerbated the situation with much sensational and terrifying news. Have we learned our lessons on how to communicate during a crisis, as the situation is much better and the deadly wave subsides?

 To answer this, we conduct research that focuses on the popular and well-established concept of the behavioral science domain to understand how communication can influence people’s behavior. In our research, we saw three key aspects of consumer behavior: buying, building, and sharing.

Our findings provide marketers and media professionals with valuable, actionable information on how to communicate with people in difficult times.

One of the most powerful and widely used concepts for influencing human behavior is the framing effect, which shows that people change their behavior and attitudes based on how information is framed or presented.

For example, which product do you prefer to buy – “Buy one, get another” OR “50% off when buying two units”? Both options offer the same discount, but people give different answers. Also, imagine a situation where test results for a COVID-19 vaccine are provided and you have to vote yes or no to your vaccination.

In the first situation, the information is presented as ‘80% of people who have taken this vaccine are safe from the virus, and in the second situation, it is said that ‘20% of people who have taken the vaccine are still infected. to be’ ‘. If you look closely, both situations indicate the same data (numbers), albeit with different structures. Do you opt for vaccination or not?

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