Consumers are being driven to competitors in 2021

Consumers are being driven to competitors by outdated site search:

Companies did not provide accurate and current information to consumers.

Especially during the pandemic, digital services were of great importance to connect online consumers with brands. A recent online survey conducted by YouGov on behalf of research firm IA Yext found that 58% of adults in the UK use website surveys at least weekly, and 88% of respondents using website surveys agree that this is a is an important tool. . . updated data and information online.

But despite the importance of job search to consumers, the Yext survey found that over half (56%) of UK adults who use this tool believe that search engines provide unrelated online search results.

For many consumers, searching for websites may not be the answer. The survey shows that 46% of users think the site doesn’t understand their questions. And another 35% think the site is looking for outdated or inaccurate information.

With this level of knowledge and accuracy, it’s no wonder 38% of UK users are frustrated when they crawl their website at least once a week.

Jon Buss, CEO of EME at Yext, said: “The pandemic has shown that the latest and most accurate information online is more important than ever before, not only to make the public feel safe but also to keep them safe.

“Searching for sites comes naturally, though. Businesses need to be aware of the damage outdated search tools are doing to their brands and bringing them into the 21st century.”

40% of UK users believe organizations are not doing enough to improve search on their websites.

For businesses, it hurts customer loyalty and ultimately sales, with 64% of respondents rating the sites that buy the most from a company that answered their questions directly through the survey. 52% also agree that they are more likely to trust a company if they give direct answers.

Outdated searches on websites have not only customers but also companies. If customers can’t find the information they need online, they simply look elsewhere.

60% of adults in the UK who use website search tools are more likely to go directly to a customer’s website if they give direct answers, while 28% are more likely to find a purchased product or service for sale in another company than expected. because they couldn’t find the information they were looking for online.

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