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Digital Marketing Agency: HR and Recruitment:

The newspaper:

We are looking for a human resource and a recruitment assistant to join our Megafone team. We are looking for candidates with a passion for the industry who can help find superstars for our fast-growing business. This is an incredible opportunity to work closely with our top recruiter and CEO and develop your career in HR and recruiting.

Our team focuses on growth and pleasure. We spend time on the latest information to ensure we are the brightest marketers and digital strategists. We invest heavily in our employees to ensure they grow quickly and personally. We also know that life is not just about work and we ensure that our work environment is pleasant. This is reflected in our team events, including team tours, meeting rooms, virtual reality, mini golf, karaoke, retreats, and more. We all love friendly competition!

Our growth stems from a corporate culture of personal development, ingenuity, and a reputation for delivering excellent results. If you think you can be a valuable addition to the team, we’d love to hear from you. That’s why we grow over 100% year after year and win countless awards and achieve the highest standards for our customers and more. Our ambition is to continue the transition to a global agency following the successful launch of Megaphone LA, Sydney, and Brisbane in 2020.

In Richmond, you will work closely with our hiring manager and CEO to facilitate the hiring and placement processes. We’re looking for someone to proactively implement our hiring process, review resumes, test candidates, analyze data, manage jobs, recruit new people, and make your first few months as smooth as possible.

The qualities of it:

• Knowledge/experience in recruitment

• Knowledge/experience of human resources

• Interpersonal skills and effective communication skills

• Pay close attention to detail and strong organizational skills

• Someone who is ready to develop their career in human resources


• Responsible for using our candidate tracking system (BambooHR)

• Plan maintenance and selection procedures, manage the administrative part

• Help with good offers for new posts

• curriculum assessments

• Test evaluations

• Get potential candidates through online channels and platforms such as LinkedIn Recruiter and Seek

Logistics and coordination of the company

• Demonstrate essential skills of initiative, autonomy, strength, ability to streamline and coordinate different moving parts, lead in a rapidly changing environment, think ahead and meet the needs of our directors and CEOs.

• Management and monitoring of commercial communication between employees and talents, internal and external.

• The link between LMB Management and the LMB Group – the senior team’s priority and understanding of the urgency between the two companies.

• Strong planning, organization, and decision-making skills with the ability to reconcile multiple projects/activities at the same time and set deadlines.

• Eye for detail and organization, with exceptional administrative skills.

• Ability to leverage and maintain positive long-term relationships with customers and talent.

• Experience in implementing dynamic organizational strategies with a professional and influential communication style.

• Assistance in accounting, coordination, and management of commercial receipts, daily expenses, and billing.

• Skill and confidence in communicating with senior stakeholders.

Sense of urgency with the ability to “hang” under pressure.

• An energetic and enthusiastic approach with a teamwork ethic.

• Assistance in all job preparation, including, but not limited to, planning, scheduling, briefing, and taking responsibility for team responsibilities.

• The ability to write comprehensive and informative documents sent to LMB employees, talent, and customers.

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