Digital Marketing Campaign In The UAE in 2021

Four Steps To Build A Successful Digital Marketing Campaign In The UAE:

Although it has dropped dramatically in 2020, total advertising spending is expected to increase in 2021 and reach a staggering $ 630 billion by 2024. Channels migrated to the Internet in 2020, accounting for 44.2% of total advertising spend. %.

The need for digital marketing is also increasing in the UAE. As reported by the Media Lab survey, the country with a population of about 9.6 million has about 9.52 million internet users. These numbers increase the role of digital marketing in the sales process of companies in the UAE that want to communicate directly with their paying customers. Among the sectors that choose digital tools to promote their products, the real estate, food and beverage, retail, e-commerce, and automotive industries are most involved in digital marketing.

In general, the UAE market is quite complicated because there is a mixture of different nationalities and cultures. In addition, it has its own unique environment, climate, and demographics. The UAE is also very receptive to innovation, enabling the use of a wide range of digital tools as trends expand rapidly. So keep this in mind when running an advertising campaign in the country.

If you are a small and medium-sized business, these are four steps that will help you successfully launch a digital marketing campaign in the UAE:

1. Choose between DIY or Outsourcing When starting a digital marketing campaign, you need to choose how you want to do it, ie use the knowledge of internal marketing or a professional consultant. I usually recommend my clients to join internet marketing agencies as it is at least 30% cheaper and more effective than having your own marketing department. In addition, you save time and get better results when you develop a digital campaign and set it up yourself, from start to finish. Some businesses feel that they have no control over the outsourcing of digital marketing. But this is a mistake because you can request a detailed report from the agency whenever you want.

2. Create a Digital Marketing Budget Once you have decided how you want to run your campaign, you need to create a budget for it. This year, the average cost of digital marketing for a small and medium-sized business in the UAE ranges from $ 2,500 to $ 12,000 per month and from $ 30,000 to $ 145,000 per year, with monthly payments.

3. Choose the right digital tools When you need to determine your budget, you need to choose the tools that fit your budget and target audience. The most widely used digital marketing tools for small businesses in the UAE are search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), email marketing, content marketing, and affiliate marketing. SEO is the most popular tool among UAE businesses.

According to Statcounter GlobalStats, more than 90% of internet visitors in the UAE use Google as their primary search engine. Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo are less common, making Google the best choice. Another benefit of using SEO is that it can be easily combined with many other digital tools, saving your marketing budget.

4. Monitoring results After the start of the campaign, you need to set up the monitoring process from intermediate results to final results. I recommend paying attention to the following statistics: traffic, clicks, departure time, conversion rate, and return on investment (ROI).

• Traffic shows the number of users participating in your campaign and whether it is new or returning. It also provides an overview of the performance of the campaign.

Click is a measure that describes the percentage ratio between users who clicked on your ad and users who saw it.

• Wait time is the average time users spend on a page.

• Conversion shows how many people are following your call to action.

All of these metrics provide a detailed overview of your campaign and help you calculate the ROI, an important metric. ROI compares the amount of money you have spent on digital marketing with the amount of money you have just earned. It helps you to estimate the results of your digital marketing campaign and understand its effect on your business.

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