Ecosystem Marketing new tips: Where 1 + 1 Equal 3

Ecosystem Marketing:

Lead author and retired US Army general Stanley A. McChrystal suggested, “Many leaders are tempted to lead like a chess master and strive to master every move when they have to lead as gardeners and create a viable and sustainable ecosystem. . the organization works “.

This is also true when it comes to a company’s marketing efforts.

But what if you don’t think enough about your company’s marketing ecosystem? What about the largest network your company exists on? Are you missing part of the conversation across the entire global ecosystem of your industry? What is a business ecosystem and why should you care? How can you think about business ecosystems and how can an agency help you reach them? Put on your favorite gardening gloves.

What is ecosystem marketing?

The idea of   a “marketing ecosystem” has become a popular term, referring to creating a connected content and analytics system that puts you and your website at the center.

From this perspective, the idea of a web ecosystem – which includes things like social media feeds, blog posts, and SEO efforts – replaces the concept of a chief judge. Let’s call it a small visualization ecosystem.

How ecosystem marketing fits into your marketing strategy

The role of ecosystem marketing is very varied: it connects stakeholders, spreads knowledge, increases consumer choice, and makes new discoveries.

Spending resources to increase your engagement with a business ecosystem can be a smart marketing strategy. You can post a compelling article on your company’s website and promote it through your channels, or you can contribute an informative article to an industry publication. The second option contributes to the community and increases the visibility of your organization. You can showcase your promotional vinegar or join a third-party education panel. The latter expands your audience and allows you to connect with them in a more meaningful way.

By offering your brand positioning in terms of an operating ecosystem, you can leverage multiple channels, individuals, and companies working together to engage industry audiences in new ways and spaces.

Establishing leadership increases the effectiveness of your marketing at all levels. To the extent that collaboration in an ecosystem can help you, it is a way to build the trust of others in your company’s promise and position. As authors Christian Sarkar and Philip Kotler state, “Trust is the currency of ecosystems. Indeed, it is the future of your brand. “

Marketing opportunities within a business ecosystem

You are therefore convinced that you need to look at your marketing efforts from an ecosystem perspective. And now?

Like all communities, there are guardians and barriers to entry. Not all parts of a business ecosystem are open or connected from the start. This is where a great PR and marketing agency can come in handy. A company specializing in your industry should already be well connected to the ecosystem and willing to act as an intermediary on your behalf. Building existing relationships with the analysts, editors, and management behind your stores and opportunities in your industry can be invaluable, as can a Rolodex of industry thinkers, speakers, and participants acting as interlocutors and spokespersons for certain sectors of the industry. Actions. to exist.

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