Exploring In-House Marketing Operations V/s Third Party

How has the pandemic affected the shape of marketing teams?

According to BannerFlow’s 2021 State of In-Housing report, it is an almost unified format for training marketing teams from 2020 onwards.

About 36% of the teams are working on a complete digital skills model or a marketing team with digital skills without regular external support. About 33% support a marketing team through specialized external agencies and 30% have a hybrid marketing model: separate internal agencies, in addition to the marketing team, and possibly an employment contract with other agencies.

Of course, this is not always a decision driven by creative or stimulating ideas: to decide what to keep at home and what to keep for outside marketing agencies – 38% of those who had to reduce their workforce to five people also have a case. considerably. According to Bannerflow’s data, the data was released to both the internal team and the agency after the pandemic.

So there is the money factor. According to the report, 32% of internal teams went from one to two marketers, 32% from three to five marketers, 18% remained unchanged, 16% from one to two marketers, and 2% from three to five marketers.

Internal marketing: not “if”, but when

Here’s what we know for sure: How marketers work matters. Adobe spent $ 1.5 billion last year on software that supports this. Marketers are therefore faced with the question of how to efficiently and effectively manage their teams as customer purchases increase and global social regulations and restrictions related to COVID-19 relax. What is it about and what is the best composition of a marketing team?

– I don’t think the question is if you were a marketing intern, would you be and what. That should be the big question, “said Mike Brinker, Deloitte Digital’s leader in performance marketing. I think for most organizations, the days when you could just outsource all marketing is over … marketing has changed digitally, many of them love stuck to the same type of model, after which I outsource everything, it is done by someone else and I get a few weekly reports every week.

It worked for a while.

But data privacy was not optimal in the early days of the digital world. But now, under pressure from marketing teams to have strict control over their customers and prospects and comply with the sea of   data protection rules, internal marketing efforts are a sure way to better manage primary data. Deloitte Digital representatives announced in March 2022 that the number of brands outsourcing data management would drop by 52%.

“You simply cannot own an outside entity that owns and manages all of your customer data and integrates it in a way that can seamlessly deliver the customer experience, the end-to-end customer experience,” said Brinker.

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