Marketing Automation And CRM Systems Ready For Your ABM Strategy?

Are Your Marketing Automation And CRM Systems Ready For Your ABM Strategy:

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If you are a marketing or CRM (CRM) leader who wants to execute your marketing strategy on your behalf (or in the middle of a strategic plan), these are the questions you need to ask yourself: Is your marketing ready? for our ABM strategy? Does our CRM system keep our sales team in step with our ABM strategies? How do we measure the results of our strategy, give visibility to the whole organization and keep it on track?

At the heart of any ABM strategy are several considerations, including an ideal customer profile, trust, and collaboration with sales, a unified customer acquisition experience, channel partnerships, commercial and service aspects, and measurement of results. So how can we incorporate these statistics into our CRM and marketing automation systems and ensure that the ABM strategy works? Here are the three most important questions to ask:

Is the segmentation done first in the CRM system and then passed on to the marketing automation system?

For most ABM strategies to work, it is important to have business information in the CRM system. Accounting features like the number of employees, average turnover, expected turnover, sectors, subsectors, and company size are important data that can be found in the central CRM system.

If the marketing team pulls this data from the marketing automation system and never syncs with the CRM accounts, there is a discrepancy between the sales and marketing teams in implementing the ABM strategy. So make sure all segmentation in your CRM system begins. It is also a good idea to use external data providers to integrate internal data so that the marketing team has the latest information in their CRM system to kickstart the segmentation process.

Are your sales and marketing teams getting the same results as ABM?

One of the keys to a successful ABM strategy is to bring the sales and marketing teams together to ensure that both teams are on track. This means that both teams must have access to the same data in their CRM and marketing automation systems. One of the challenges it avoids is that campaigns run on automated marketing systems and are rarely drawn to the CRM systems where suppliers live and breathe.

Here are some tactics CRM teams should use to ensure alignment:

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1. Synchronize campaigns between marketing and CRM automation systems and make sure they are regularly synchronized.

2. Implement campaign statistics from marketing automation systems to CRM systems to measure campaign performance.

3. Ensure that ABM strategy collaborations take place within the CRM system and that all ABM strategy artifacts are stored in a location accessible to both teams.

Are the key statistics of your ABM strategy accessible and useful?

As part of an ABM strategy, most organizations have high-level key performance indicators (KPIs), such as pipeline growth or key revenue growth, to determine success. There is a general alignment of sales and marketing methods for KPIs, but there are a few ways to measure results in CRM systems. To make this happen, here are some key tactics CRM teams can use:

1. If the most important measure of pipeline growth is to develop a way for the CRM system to connect opportunities to ABM campaigns. Even when creating opportunities across sales teams, opportunity automation helps the ABM strategy measure results.

2. For existing distributed opportunities, you should include criteria such as click accounts and social engagement with marketing automation systems. This will help sales assess the impact of phase changes on ABM results.

3. Ensure that new contacts and value-added activities/meetings related to the ABM strategy are planned to assist the sales teams in measuring the performance of the strategy.

4. Make sure that the ABM campaigns active in your marketing automation system are also incorporated into your CRM system at the account and contact level. Quickly notifying these voice accounts via the CRM system can create new opportunities and promote current opportunities.

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