Huobi Global Provides Free Trading and Advertising Services to P2P Merchants

Huobi Global today announced a significant change in the structure of commercial ads and P2P withdrawals, providing customers with a continuous experience in exchanging cryptocurrencies with fiduciary monetary standards at no cost.

In Huobi’s P2P market, a P2P trader can make an announcement about buying or coding assets. Before the change, an actual request from the manufacturer would cost between 0.2% and 0.7% in exchange for different sources, once the request is actually completed. With the new incorporation structure, Huobi Global offers free exchanges and exchanges for creators and buyers in Huobi’s P2P market.

“The goal of our P2P management is to provide clients with timely advertising and exchange measures. The exception of exchange and notification fees requires the much larger clients in Huobi’s P2P market to consult and take action.” Ciara Sun. Vice President of World Markets for the Huobi Group.

The new billing project includes more than 60 installment techniques, including 28 cars. Alternatives to Fiat include EUR, USD, GBP, AED, ARS, HKD, AUD, BRL, CAD, CHF, RUB, PHP, TRY and SGD and so on. Encryption options include BTC / USDT / ETH / EOS / XRP / LTC / HT / HUSD / BCH / ETC / BSV / DASH / HPT and so on

Customers must complete the required verification steps, remove HT 2000 security features, and submit more than ten requests with over 80% completion to become a qualified P2P merchant.

While no aliens are involved in the Huobi ecosystem, we continue to discover approaches that also allow our customers to save time, share costs and gain more experience,” adds Ciara. “We still value a safe and useful exchange experience for our clients. The choice to set up free P2P administrations fits perfectly with our broader brand goals so that it has more volume and increases the liquidity of our P2P market.”

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