IAB Releases New Report as Advertisers Consider AI

The first release of 2021, “Artificial Intelligence Use Cases and Best Practices for Marketing,” will help executive leaders, marketers, and technologists get the most from AI, and do it responsibly.

Created for those already working with AI or looking to leverage it in their business, this guide draws directly from the real-world experience of co-chairs IBM Watson Advertising and Nielsen as well as top publishers, agencies, and ad tech companies in the industry. It’s not an ivory tower overview of AI: it’s a specific guide for what to do for executives that are in the thick of it.

The marketing industry has a compelling need for a set of agreed-upon standards that will set the course for leveraging AI across the open web. With the industry facing transformation on every front, setting the right foundation for AI is critical.

“AI is the only technology that can keep up with the petabytes of data that are the hallmark of successful digital marketing playbooks today,” said Angelina Eng, Vice President, Measurement & Attribution, Programmatic+Data Center, IAB. “But AI should not be blindly trusted. The IAB AI Standards Working Group is helping define the groundwork and best practices the industry needs to ensure privacy, measurement, and addressability. Ultimately, this will lead to creating agreed-upon standards.”

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