IAS Verifies Admix In-Play Advertising for the Very First Time

Admix, the first in-game advertising platform that connects gamers and smartphone brands, has announced a new alliance with Integral Ad Science (IAS), a world leader in digital ad verification. Admix is the first active advertising company to offer a calculated and tested advertising inventory by a trusted and impartial partner as a result of this integration with IAS.

Admix’s in-play ads are also independently verified and verified with the same accuracy as the rest of the digital inventory. This measurement is made possible by powerful IAS technologies that reveal the great potential in the gaming segment of the mobile advertising ecosystem, from brands to mobile game developers.

Admix provides an advanced and scalable In-Play platform that allows advertisers to focus on applications and serve highly engaged viewers for billions of hours of gameplay. However, Admix has so far developed its measurement tools, which have prevented the industry from investing on a large scale with the same conviction as this integration with IAS.

Publishers also benefited from Admix’s self-service platform and code-free SDK, but the alliance with IAS would further enhance media quality and customer trust. Admix also offers an excellent inventory to marketers, enabling them to slowly reduce their reliance on restricted ads, such as mid-roll ads and winning content, while enhancing the player’s experience and retention.

This launch is the transformation of conventional multimedia games into conventional media, with the aim of giving the advertising industry a decisive moment when it comes to mobile games, reaching 2.5 billion viewers with virtually unknown confidence. In-Play, based on Admix technologies, will become a leading communication tool in the next decade and beyond.

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