Influencer marketing has affected the overall digital marketing in 2021

How nano- influencer marketing has affected the overall digital marketing:

With the rise of nano influencer marketing, there has been a decline in other areas of digital marketing such as paid advertising and paid website promotions.

Reasons behind the rise of nano influencer marketing

Nano-influencers are influencers with limited hearing. They are not celebrities with more than 1 million followers on social media, but ordinary people who caught the attention of the public with their unique and captivating content. These influencers can reach 1,000 to 10,000 followers in a specific niche, based on the type of content they produce. The commerce spends about 10% of its brand promotion budget on influencer marketing, mainly on nano influencers who can reach its target audience.

The main reasons for the rise of nano-influencer marketing are:

1. Increased use of digital media: From 2012 to 2018, social media use was recorded from 5 hours 37 minutes to 6 hours 45 minutes per person. For Generation Z, which is between 16 and 24, this consumption increases even more. The average consumption of these young people is 7 hours and 44 minutes on a normal day. These numbers indicate the increasing amount of time people from all societies spend on social media. Brands therefore also strive to make optimal use of this accessible target group.

2. Nano-influencers have a niche: Every nano-influencer produces some kind of content and therefore has a special audience that makes it easier for brands to find their target audience. This simplified audience prefers brands so they can earn higher returns with minimal investment.

3. An audience that trusts the brand ambassador: nano-influencers have a close-knit group of people they interact with on a daily basis and who build an online bond based on admiration and trust. This is where brands seize the opportunity to develop strong word of mouth. The public believes in influencers and conversely, influencers usually only influence the brands they believe in.

4. Affordable: Nano influencers are very cheap and don’t charge as much as a familiar or trusted face. With their dedicated reach, they reach the masses and are more closely related to their audience than a celebrity with millions of followers, which is a big advantage for the brand to get sales leads.

Effects of Nano-Influenced Marketing on Digital Marketing

• While nano-influencer marketing is ideal for businesses large and small, it has advantages and disadvantages for the digital marketing industry.

• Digital marketing is not limited to influencing marketing; it also has many other facets. However, with the rise of nano-influencer marketing, there has been a backlash in other areas of digital marketing such as paid advertising, paid promotions on websites, and so on.

• Nano influencer marketing will slowly and gradually become the industry with the largest investments in digital marketing. It’s the sense of personification that is missing from other forms of digital marketing plans that pay a lot of attention to nano-impact marketing.

As nano influencers grow in revenue and social media engagement, digital platforms are investing in more and more apps that provide a platform for all influencers to showcase their talent.

Therefore, nano influencer marketing is the future that has only just begun and everyone who invests in it is sure to make a profit. The fact that some brands are also getting nano influencers is enough to know that it is also a recognized and up-and-coming profession.

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