Instagram Adds New ‘Audio’ Tab to its Search Options to Lift Reels Engagement

Instagram has added the ability to search audio specifically on the app’s search page, making it easier to explore trends based on music tracks, with an emphasis on creating moments based on them.

As you can see here, after a new “Audio” tab, when searching Instagram, you can highlight the different tracks available in the app. Tap on a song and you’ll see a TikTok view of the songs that gave the song its flavor.

You can then save the audio for personal use, giving you a complete overview of relevant trends and tracks to get inspired.

I mean, it’s basically a feature of TikTok, which repeats the “Sounds” tab after the sample tracks used by each track.

So, in a broad sense, it’s nothing new. But since Instagram wants to encourage the use of Reels to ward off TikTok’s growing competition, it makes sense for it to align with usage trends and make discovering them as easy as possible.

Will more people create trending moments on Instagram ?

It certainly plays a big role in TikTok and, with a similar capacity on the reels, it will also help maximize usage.

Interestingly, it also happens on the same day that YouTube launched a new ad campaign promoting how to do the same thing in its short TikTok-style functionality.

So all these tools are the same and look alike every day. And as TikTok adds more users and specifically increases its influence among a younger audience, rest assured that both Instagram and YouTube will continue to add replication tools to limit user migrations wherever possible and prevent TikTok from being heard simple food.

Because, as we saw when Facebook replaced MySpace, trends among younger users can lead to much bigger changes. While TikTok still doesn’t have control over the big blue app, it’s clearly becoming a more important consideration in many ways.

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