Magnate & Dentsu Canada Extend Preferred Partner Relationship with a Focus on CTV

Magnate, the largest independent commercial advertising platform, today announced the expansion of its preferred partner with the media agencies Dentsu Canada. Dentsu will significantly increase spending on the Magnate platform and help Magnite ensure that the agency uses its CTV purchases programmatically and responsibly. Magnate’s dedicated CTV platform gives buyers access to premium inventory and CTV technology that optimizes the advertising experience in a full-screen video environment. Dentsu Canada’s media teams will partner with Magnate to leverage the audience, contextual and behavioral criteria to optimize and tailor the performance of CTV campaigns for buyers. As part of the extended preference ratio, Magnate will provide educational support with a CTV focus to Dentsu’s media teams and keep them at the forefront of CTV.

“CTV has shown real potential for growth as they shift from linear to linked television accelerates at an unprecedented pace,” said Damien Veran, director of Magnate for Canada and Latin America. ‘Because we have been an invaluable partner for us for the past four years, we are delighted to strengthen our relationship with Dentsu Media and provide the knowledge and experience to make the most of this space. CTV believes this is the predominant way viewers deal with TV, and we are delighted to help buyers better connect with their audience through this medium. “

“Magnate is a trusted partner with the potential to unlock important opportunities for our clients, and we look forward to continuing our fruitful partnership,” said Nicole Brown, Dentsu’s Investment President. With Magnate, we believe we can help our customers use CTV in more meaningful and effective ways. “

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