Marketing Certifications That Can Help You Earn a Better in 2021

Marketing Certifications That Can Help You Earn a Better Salary:

Many employers are looking for professionals with a specific marketing certificate. Other digital marketing professionals are certified to keep pace with a rapidly changing industry. This article discusses the best academic marketing certificate and the most requested marketing certificate.

To find hard data for this article, we first researched the facts on the message boards. Since we didn’t have the monetary value of certification, we did our best. We searched the bulletin boards thoroughly to find the most requested certification requirements and to have a better understanding of the most certified certification.

Digital Marketing Certifications experts are very popular

Many marketers are very popular and this is unlikely to change in the next five years. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a market research analyst and/or marketing specialist can expect $ 65,810 per year, compared to $ 62,000 in 2018. In contrast, a marketing executive can expect $ 141,490 per year. a year or $ 68.03 per hour. According to the Payscale Index Report on Marketing and Advertising, the demand for digital marketing specialists has increased by 19.6% since 2006.

According to the Robert Half Technologies 2021 Salary Guide, the difference between the salaries of an incompetent marketing manager and an experienced marketing manager with professional certifications is approximately $ 43,000, with the starting position at $ 67,000, and the position is certified. Who pays $. 116 500. The same goes for a digital marketing specialist, where the entry-level pays $ 47,750 and the certified position pays $ 94,000. Of course, having special certificates can be rewarding.

There are usually academic Marketing Certifications courses designed to teach the basics of digital marketing or to train someone who is currently working in a marketing role and then there are digital marketing certification courses which may be a requirement in some companies. . You will rarely find an email list that requires potential candidates to be certified by the Kellogg School of Management, but you will likely find jobs that require applicants to be certified by Google AdWords. Let’s take a look at these academic certificates first and then move on to the so-called ‘mandatory’ certifications.

Kyle Shea, executive vice president of partnership development at All Campus, told CMSWire that these academic courses are primarily aimed at those seeking a new career in digital marketing, providing a broad understanding of each field. “In the more specialized digital marketing certificates, the course content focuses on one or two areas to give students a better understanding of each,” he said.

Shea said these academic courses are offered on a part-time basis “and usually take two to six months to complete, with a commitment of three to eight hours of work per week.”

Kellogg School of Management Digital Marketing Certifications

Certificates can be a good indication that someone has demonstrated competence, indicating that he can perform a task or activity as intended. In addition, a large number of digital marketing certificates have become job requirements and promotion requirements, but many marketers have done more training, education, and certification for personal development purposes, and the certification courses are an excellent way to continue your training.

“Certification can be an excellent addition to any training program because customers who are proficient with their organization’s tools can get so much more out of them, leading to greater retention, loyalty, and support,” said Greg Rose. Intellum Experience Director. , a leading provider of educational platforms.

Rose clearly understands how effective online courses work. His company, Intellum, invented the customer training platform for Facebook Blueprint, which serves as a proven model of how digital certifications work. “With the addition of well-known certifications such as the Kellogg School of Management Digital Marketing Strategies, there are several years of certification programs reaching millions of users, such as the Google Skill Shop, Twitter Flight School, and Amazon Advertising Console.”

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