Marketing Ops’ Secret Superpower: Procurement in 2021

Marketing Ops’ Secret Superpower: Procurement”:

Early in my career, I developed something called my “marketing truths”. This helped me understand people’s behavior and motivation. This was essential in my direct marketing work because they helped me put my customers or prospects in their place to find out who was likely to buy the product or service we were selling.

If you don’t ask someone to do something, they won’t.

Almost 15 years later, it’s easy to say that this marketing truth has saved the companies I’ve worked for millions of dollars. Using it and applying it to my role as a buyer of technology, services, and marketing media, I was able to successfully negotiate hundreds of transactions at discounted prices and spend the extra money on incremental programs and contracts that I otherwise would not have. I saw. To wash. affordable prices.

The truth is (no pun intended) that shopping is one of the most underrated features of marketing activities (PUPs). Most people are starting to understand the value of MOPs when it comes to technology management, analytics, process, and development, but the acquisition is often overlooked. Increasingly, MOP teams are responsible not only for managing existing tools, processes, and suppliers but also for finding, evaluating, and negotiating contracts for new suppliers – responsibilities that were previously the responsibility of purchasing or financing organizations.

When I was working at LogMeIn, we had an excellent retail team in the finance group. They were relentless negotiators and supporters of the process. But they know nothing about a trader or a trader. They didn’t know if $ 20,000 was too much or too much to pay a seller. And to be fair, with a big company like LogMeIn, the right buying team has more options than a $ 20,000 contract. His time was spent on 6 and 7-digit operations. So what happened? The purchase and negotiation of Martech contracts are included in the MOPs. And our MOP team garnered enthusiasm.

For the average marketer, the speed of contract completion is often the most important part of the acquisition process. But sometimes they forget the budget, even if every dollar saved is a dollar that can be used elsewhere. While speed is still important to MOPs, budget control, suitability, and security are often top priorities. MOP teams care about efficiency and processes, and saving money fits this mindset perfectly.

How MOPs Can Be Sold in Sales Negotiations: Remember the truth of marketing

There are many complicated and strategic ways to deal with salespeople, and there are professionals who do it for their money, but not everyone feels comfortable playing hard. For MOP professionals with bargaining power, the best strategy is to start small and simply ask for discounts. Email is often the best low-risk, a low-conflict channel for a novice trader to request discounts. The email takes away all the emotions and nerves when you ask for it. While you should act or behave more confidently, your email discount won’t cause any shame or harm.

Becoming an experienced negotiator can be even more effective. Getting salespeople on the spot, saying what you want, and getting them to call can be very powerful. Sellers often use the exact skills of buyers, and changing them will get you up and running.

As for dollars and cents, I have very simple and practical advice:

• If you have budgeted $ 20,000 for a supplier and the supplier has given you a price of $ 25,000, ask them to lower it to $ 20,000.

• If you budgeted $ 20,000 and the price was $ 20,000, ask them to lower it to $ 17,000.

Request discounts regardless of your budget and whatever your budget. If you don’t ask, they won’t despise you. And if you ask, the worst they can say is no.

To be honest, if you really want to get rid of this discount, in most cases the seller will answer yes to your question. Because it is better for a salesperson to earn $ 17,000 than $ 20,000 instead of $ 0. And as I said at the beginning, understanding people’s motivation and behavior is the key to getting them to buy (allow) what you sell (discount).

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