Marketing Is Facing Down a Skills Shortage in 2021

Marketing struggles with skill and lack of skill. Read here how to fix it

The more things change, the more they stay the same, said the French author Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr more than a century ago.

While every element of the brand experience has changed from design to delivery, the fundamental marketing challenge of finding the right place between customer needs and demands remains the same as ever. Science is much more scientific and art is also aided by artificial intelligence, but it remains a challenge to acquire the skill and skill needed to achieve both. And they are not helped by the dizzying speed with which things are developing.

Essential skills for modern its teams

Spending on martech tools, as part of the broader investment in digital transformation, will grow across all markets and sectors. Do it teams have all the skills to handle the growing complexity of the stack? Maybe not. This article also cites a report that puts companies with structured skills enhancement programs at just 35%.

But the skills can be learned. With a low-threshold approach to continuously improving skills, you can keep up with changes in a certain area. For example, despite the pace at which social media evolves, an expert will improve over time. As a marketer and author Neil Tambe put it, “a skill” is something you learn to do and do. You keep repeating it. ‘

Unsurprisingly, most of the skills modern marketing teams need to maintain are data and analytics in some form. In the foreground, the analysis of quantitative and qualitative data; data-driven CX project; and privacy and data management. Susan Ferrari, senior operations manager for the CMX Alida platform, offers the opportunity to leverage artificial intelligence, data automation, and Voice of Customer (VoC) optimization across multiple channels and platforms to deliver “personalized” experiences.

But the deeper skills are also lacking. Darrell Alfonso, head of global marketing activities at AWS, teaches an 8-week crash course on marketing activities, a skill that has attracted a lot of interest. “Many leaders realize the importance of repeatable and scalable operations for long-term success. We serve directors and vice presidents of marketing operations, as well as specialist positions such as marketing analyst and marketing strategist, ”he says.

Albert Buddahim, founder and CEO of Katapult Digital, an end-to-end digital agency in Asia, says technology is a strong force and requires performance-oriented skills such as UI / UX, precision advertising; attribution models; data study management; and campaign performance monitoring. Erica Seidel, head of The Connective Good, is interested in “solution marketers,” suggesting that marketing leaders are starting to look a lot like CEOs. Alfonso states that “T-shaped marketers (deep technical knowledge in one area but broad knowledge in most areas of marketing) hold junior and senior marketing positions that have produced significant results (such as expanding a business). to “IPO” or a global audience) positions “.

The key to developing a competent marketing team is to invest in personalized learning experience paths so that team members can learn and apply not only new but new learning as well, as long as they can stay long enough. To pay.

Essential resources for marketing leadership

Skills are the biggest challenge for today’s marketing leaders. A skill is not a specific skill that fits a particular situation. It is an ingrained skill that can be applied in many contexts. Also, say it on your blog. It aims to improve the ability to generate the desired result in any situation. This assumes that regardless of the challenges they face, marketers with certain skills will be successful and potentially thrive.

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