Octopus Cards looks for a digital marketing agency in 2021

Octopus Cards looks for digital marketing agency for new SME merchant support initiative:

Octopus Cards is looking for a professional digital marketing agency to help with the NeighbourDOOD Merchant Support Scheme. The program, created as Octopus Cards, aims to deepen ties with the Hong Kong SME community.

Octopus Cards requires the digital marketing agency to help each merchant create a social media account and provide the merchant with a personalized digital promotion strategy. The scheme aims to facilitate the digital transformation of small businesses in the suburbs of the city and help them use the government’s Consumer Resistance System (CVS). According to an SCMP article, Octopus Cards will spend more than $ 1 million HK on this initiative to help SMEs take advantage of the government’s plan to give each resident $ 5,000 electronic vouchers.

At the same time, Octopus Cards offers every retailer an online average of HK $ 8,000 and a marketing budget to promote their unique story and exclusive products. Overall, the program aims to preserve and promote the city’s distinctive cultural and gastronomic heritage.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on Hong Kong’s small businesses, particularly in the retail and food and beverage industries. In addition to the release of free games and rental expectations, Octopus Cards goes one step further by sponsoring more than a million dollars from retailers to improve their digital skills.

In the first phase of the project, Polvo Cards will pave the way for the general public and trade, by selecting and involving 108 stores in the 18 districts of the city, aimed at those whose historical and cultural values   contribute to the city’s identity.including traditional local shops, craft shops, and value-added specialty shops.

Stores are selected based on the following three criteria:

Company size: stores that have been on the market for more than a year have up to three locations and 50 employees

Place – registered stores in Hong Kong, especially local trademarks; IT IS

Specialty shops with a history, a unique history, traditional craft shops, social enterprises, or local cultural crafts

Rita Li, director of sales and marketing at Octopus Cards, said the company understands the challenges retailers face, and that it’s important that they go digital to survive and thrive. “We want to help them reach the community and help customers navigate digital marketing,” says Li. Octopus Cards has been offering fast and affordable electronic payment solutions to small and medium merchants for over two years.

“With the program, we hope to support even more supermarkets to keep up with the digital transformation trend. Not only will it increase the visibility and competitiveness of retailers, but it will also help people from all walks of life to meet their shopping needs. . “.. Octopus Cards will share these stores, their stories, and resources on social media platforms. Octopus media and the Octopus app. In June 2021, Octopus Cards launched the event page” #NaburusDOOD OOD My favorite store’s nomination “, where visitors or retailers can call their favorite “hidden” specialty stores in the city.

Business confidence in Hong Kong generally remained cautious in May, according to government data. Compared to the previous month, the sub-indices of most sectors remain in a contraction zone. In terms of restoration, it has remained stable in the expansion zone. A government spokesman added that the importance of the situation depends on the evolution of the epidemic situation and the pace of future economic recovery. Therefore, it is imperative that the whole community do its part to fight the disease together to create favorable conditions for the greatest possible rebirth of economic activities.

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