Perx launches the ‘world’s 1’ lifestyle new marketing platform

Perx launches the ‘world’s first’ lifestyle marketing platform:

Perx Technologies, a SaaS Dynamic Engagement and Mobile Device Retention Specialist, has launched the

According to Perx, traditional static loyalty and reward programs no longer work in a rapidly changing digital economy, which he says is expensive to maintain and has become a problem affecting commercial profits around the world.

Today’s customers come in many forms and have their daily needs and needs. As the behavior of consumers and ecosystem partners evolves rapidly, Perx believes that the way brands handle it needs to change, too.

Meaningful relationships

Perx LMP is designed to enable brands to transition from a temporary, transactional transition to meaningful relationships with their ecosystem among millions of customers and partners around the world.

Driven by hyper-adaptation, advanced features, and event-driven features, Perx expects the platform to expand customer experience and branding strategies by synchronizing them with their daily life choices. The platform enables marketers and digital teams to earn and engage with customer engagement and increase customer engagement by rediscovering the digital consumer journey.

There are three main market trends that require the introduction of a new category called Lifestyle Marketing in the Martech space. First, the pandemic has, in the first place, greatly accelerated the need for businesses to be digital and mobile. In 2020, with an average use of almost four hours a day on a smartphone, 332 million people worldwide had access to the internet for the first time to bank, shop, play and order food.

Second, the rise of the instant gratification economy with preferred mobile devices has led to an understanding of the limitations of today’s heaps of marketing technology to support the creation of unique “aha moments” in traditional digital customer journeys. from the purchase to the final redemption of the kilometers and above all to all the interactions of the user. With 73% of the world’s mobile phone users owning a smartphone, brands around the world are exploring how to innovate beyond their core business models to build a ‘super’ app ecosystem for their customers.

Finally, almost all of the current marketing technology platforms are primarily designed to increase vanity statistics such as insights, printing, and open rates, according to Perx, rather than contributing to revenue growth. The result is static, disinterested, short-lived customer commitments that suddenly end up in an SMS, email, or social media message.

But the key to any engagement strategy is the customer journey. Perx Lifestyle’s marketing platform can go a step further than the usual routine with interactive, playful, and incentive-based controls that lead customers to complete the actions and transactions the retailer and brand desire.

Perx has also launched the Perx Rewards Marketplace, which offers an extensive and select list of commercial rewards tailored to the digital lifestyle of the consumer.

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