Pinterest Introduces a New Overview of its Advertising Process in an Effort to Simplify Paid-up Promotions

Pinterest saw a significant increase in usage last year when the growth of e-commerce accelerated during the pandemic. There is an opportunity in the Pin for real brands, with 478 million active users per month, accessing the platform with the thought of buying and discovering.

And today, Pinterest has unveiled a new guide on how to promote Pins to maximize your Pins marketing efforts.

The new guide, which you have access to, is a very simple overview of all the important elements of badge promotion, as well as useful campaign tips.

It also provides a comprehensive overview of promotional options, including campaign goals for Sponsored Pins.

It also contains information on how you can target your campaign and make the most of it in collaboration with the right people.

Each segment also contains ‘professional tips’ that provide advice on the best ways to use blocked ads.

Pinterest repeats the last point and notes that marketers:

Displays the automatic bidding option. Used advertisers automatically get 35% more clicks in the same test budget.

Automatic bidding tools are much better at allocating advertising spend based on defined goals, and it’s worth playing with Pinterest’s automatic bidding tool to improve sponsored PIN results.

There are some useful notes and tips, especially for new users of pen marketing, and they are all presented in a simple, clear, and practical way.

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