Reach The Next Level Of Relevant Customer Experiences With Cognitive Personalization

The rise of e-commerce and the journey of customers who have not had contact with digital in recent years are well documented. As we move out of the Covid-19 pandemic, the constantly changing consumer behavior will begin to take shape and, finally, we will have a clearer picture of what the new normal looks like out there. However, we can be sure that it has become a challenge for marketers to communicate with customers. According to a recent study by Prosper Insights & Analytics, most consumers don’t like it when advertisers have access to their personal data for certain purposes. Because marketers know this and consider how dynamic and unpredictable their journey has become, they must think differently to be consistently relevant and reach consumers with the interactions and channels of their choice.

Brands are always looking for the level of perception, but to achieve the same level of perception and create these interactions on a large scale for tens or hundreds of millions of customers in tens of thousands of places, on channels that do not even exist in the first place.

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