Sagoon a Social Commerce Platform Involves Exemplar Companies

Exemplar Companies, PBC is proud to announce that Sagoon has named Exemplar Consulting, LLC as its strategic partner for the next phase of growth.

Exemplar is acting as the exclusive capital injection partner for Sagoon. The first guide will focus on raising capital, structuring the business model and revenue, and the possibility of continuously injecting the necessary capital. Exemplar’s team is led from its offices in Boston and New York.

“We are excited to be working with Sagoon’s founders and employees to support their vision and help them grow,” said Katherine Brand, CEO of Exemplar Consulting. Sagoon’s unique needs” added Brand.

Sagoon is rediscovering how social media makes money

allowing users to earn financial rewards while interacting and sharing personal experiences and interactions. Since its launch, more than 7.7 million users in 64 countries have used the platform. Its users share their stories from text, photos, and videos and earn smart coins to buy on the platform. To date, platform users have earned 1.7 billion smart coins, using 533 million smart coins to shop and give gifts to friends and family.

Our mission is to bring family and friends together on our social journey: Connect. Share. Make money,” said Govinda Giri, founder of Sagoon. We believe that Exemplar adds extraordinary value and helps us fulfill our mission not only in injecting capital but also in the overall growth of the company; including operations, corporate structuring, management training, corporate strategy, and more,” added Giri.

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