SMS Marketing Fundamentals in 2021

SMS Marketing Fundamentals :

SMS can be the most productive retail marketing channel as long as the workflow is automated and performance is monitored.

 Jordan West, the owner of the e-commerce agency Mindful Marketing and online clothing company The Kindred Studio, uses SMS marketing to drive customer engagement and sales. He believes that texting is one of his better marketing channels than him.

don’t invite everyone

Have you ever heard of the marketing term ‘spread and pray’?. Don’t treat all customers equally. Each customer has a unique relationship with their brand. Don’t respect them by treating them the same way.

– I think so. When you meet someone small [starting a relationship] small, ask for small things. Don’t ask for someone’s phone number right away. This is a wonderful thing with messages. Don’t try to put everyone on your list.

Rather, target the customer segments that are most likely to respond to text campaigns.

West recommends segmenting customers based on what they call “traffic level”. The idea is to create segments around the depth of the relationship with the customer. The buyer is another segment of new visitors.

If necessary, determine the level of customer connectivity for your business. West has a numbered scale for this. Other merchants may use the Rate, Rate, and Monetary Value (RFM) model to identify the right place in a relationship to ask a customer if the SMS can be sent.


 the main benefit of digital marketing is automation. A business can set up programmatic workflows that encourage customers and prospects and take the buying process to a deeper level of engagement.

For example, West uses automation to get good messaging results. As such, their approach to text messaging was similar to how many successful businesses use email marketing or even social media marketing. These companies segment, target and personalize messages.

The key, however, is to moderate the automation.

to measure

SMS marketing is traceable and measurable. While West was quick to point out that SMS allocation isn’t always obvious, he explained how it can be measured. Look at this transfer rate: 43% percent. And then a 10% conversion rate. So $ 4.11 per message, says West, sharing his various SMS marketing data at a live event for CommerceCo through the e-commerce community.

So the message costs me ten cents and I make $ 4.11 per message. It’s unbelievable, “West said of his welcome line for test automation. The abandoned car [text automation] is even more expensive, $ 10.26 per message.

As with almost all marketing channels, your business criteria must meet your campaign goals. West wants to sell, so location, exchange rate, and revenue per item are the most important.

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One metric you may not want to measure, especially if you’re just getting started with SMS marketing, is the number of subscribers. This list only had 2,000 subscribers at the time, but I wanted to show you how incredibly effective SMS marketing is, even when you’re just starting out, West said of the results of five SMS marketing campaigns that raised more than $ 25,000 has income generated

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