Snapchat launches new lenses to teach users sign language as part of International Deaf Week

Snapchat is looking to ramp up its integration efforts with the launch of a new line of lenses that encourage users to play with their fingers as part of International Week of the Deaf.

Using SignAll AI and machine vision technology that recognizes and translates American Sign Language, these AR lenses will inspire Snapchatters to write their names with their fingers, as well as other common words such as “love,” “hug,” and “smile.”

Developed with the help of Snap’s hard-of-hearing staff, the lenses aim to increase sign language awareness by providing a more inclusive environment, and ideally, more creators should consider hearing-impaired users when creating content.

In addition, users can share their experiences with the new Lenses with friends, while Snapchat has also added some new Bitmoji stickers to promote the event.

This is a good Snap initiative, assign language remains a distant concept for many people, and something they are indirectly aware of but have only limited exposure to. By promoting ASL in the app and raising awareness, Snapchat can help more users understand the need for more inclusive communication, allowing more people to consider its content and placement.

You can access the new Snap Sign Language Lenses in the app.

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