TINT Attention Score Bolsters Visual Content Efficacy

TINT, the user-generated content platform, takes visual content optimization to a whole new level. With the release of Attention Score, a pre-programmed feature, users can now analyze visual content to determine critical points of interest and their potential to get general attention before posting to channels. Using unprecedented Eye Tracker technology, TINT’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Model with Attention Score is based on extensive neuroscientific research and trained in one of the largest eye tracking databases in the industry to accurately predict visual behavior and attention.

In the fast-paced digital economy, attention has become a scarce commodity. Attention Score analyzes visual content in real-time, providing in-depth analysis of a specific image’s performance in terms of cognitive demand and clarity, as well as a detailed heatmap that shows exactly where the viewer’s eyes will be focused. The composition of visual content, placement of images, logos, and texts can influence the decision-making process.

With this new technology, social, digital, e-commerce and marketing teams can create, plan and edit the content that maximizes attention.

“The focus of consumers is on the new gold,” said Sameer Kamat, CEO of TINT.

“By paying attention, brands can optimize ad spending by knowing what content will move audiences to action. Campaigns will no longer run in hopes of conversion; our advanced machine learning eliminates the mystery. UGC, along with a high attention score, is by far the best converting content a brand can ask for. “

With a growing number of content channels and resources, the role of visual attention and its impact on consumers is more important than ever. TINT’s UGC platform empowers brands to strategically build trust, engage consumers, transform sales and drive action at every stage of the customer journey and now, with attention score, TINT represents the next level of engagement. marketing channels.

TINT’s attention score allows users to:

• Get a comprehensive view of visual content with cognitive counting and clarity

• Discover how visual content will attract attention across different channels

• Visualize eye patterns to generate engagement and clicks

• Optimize ads and visual content to maximize conversion potential

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