Twitter Adds New Raised Hand Emoji to Signal Questions in Spaces

Anticipating the arrival of Twitter’s Dedicated Spaces tab, which will increase the presence of the Audio Meetings option in the app, Twitter continues to introduce new format tweaks and updates to enhance your audio engagement experience.

Today, Twitter added a cool new emoji feature, available to Spaces presenters, hosts, and co-hosts, that allows speakers to indicate they can add something to the discussion without interrupting the chat.

As you can see in the second image, the speakers can now activate the “raised hand” that appears in the upper right corner of your spatial profile balloon. Unlike other reaction emojis, the outstretched hand will not disappear and will remain there until the user decides to turn it off or mute, ready to talk.

It’s a useful and functional addition to the Spaces process, and while it’s not a big change, each update adds a little more sophistication, making it a more inclusive and immersive experience.

Additionally, Twitter says that new voice editing effects options are now available to 50% of iOS users.

Twitter announced its Voice Transformer tool for Spaces last month, and the test pool will gradually expand over time. The idea is that by having more options to control the way you play, you can make people more comfortable participating in Spaces while providing more fun and engaging option for playing the instrument.

Is social noise a real trend or a fad driven by the growing need for social connectivity amidst the COVID blockade around the world?

It’s a lot like the live stream, which is hailed by many as a potential “game-changer” for social media use, but it disappeared very quickly when everyone could use it and people realized that most live streams are not of high quality. Was not.

Social media audio is heading in the same direction and many of the clubhouse’s early users are now ignoring the app as its exclusivity fades and good rooms become more difficult.

This does not mean that social noise will disappear completely – many people continue to broadcast live and produce good results, and new cases are always added. But the idea that it will become a more important element seems less likely over time, even as Twitter seems to double for Spaces with its own special elements.

We’ll have to wait and see, but there are ways to increase your engagement with your online communities anyway.

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