Twitter Trials New Topic Tags to Spaces

Twitter is currently testing a new choice that will allow Spaces hosts to add stories to their space to maximize reach. As you can see in this first case, hosts quickly offer the option to add up to three related topics to the dialog, which can then mark space for all clients for those topics.

This is an extra advanced version of the topic selector for Twitter:

This could be an important step: how people discovered this with live streaming, which allows anyone to stream anytime, can have great benefits in terms of connectivity and engagement, as anyone can stream, the overall high quality will fade very quickly, and it can be difficult for people to go through the stream of broadcasts to find something relevant within the specialty.

This is one of the main criticisms the club has made recently that the gradual expansion of access to the app has led to a stream of rooms, making it virtually impossible to discover high-quality related streams within the app.

Twitter spaces tend to be identical and, although it also has algorithms to highlight the spaces most associated with each person, questions can be another way to filter the stream and the best live discussions.

This is certainly where Facebook and Reddit can succeed with their live audio tools. Facebook has teams focused on audio discussions, which means they limit themselves to areas of dialogue where everyone is already curious, while Reddit does the same, with audio locations associated with specific subreddit communities.

“It can help keep your audio suggestions on topic and relevance to each specific person, while Twitter and the clubhouse have taken the more normal course, increasing the discovery potential for each chat, but also leading to extra points with excess numbers offer”, a growing need for efficient classification.

But possibly presenting a selection of tab topics in Spaces can help narrow the list and highlight other related discussions for each person, which can also help you learn more about how to populate the Spaces tab, which will be in the app soon.

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