Vallejo: New Experience for the Visitors

New website launched for Visit Vallejo, CA

Visit Vallejo is a Destination Marketing Organization (DDS) that has been in business for over 30 years, providing area information and planning assistance for tourists, events, meetings, and other groups. Located 35 km northeast of San Francisco and 25 km south of Napa Valley, Vallejo offers affordable accommodations and easy access to many of Northern California’s favorite activities.

Visit Vallejo announces the launch of its new website

DMO successfully launched its current brand in 2019. The new website is a reflection of this brand revolution and the recognition that potential visitors are emerging from the pandemic in search of wonderful new experiences and adventures. is designed for today’s visitors.

The site now offers an improved user experience, formatted for mobile devices, and offers new functionality for finding information. We offer it all by highlighting capabilities as one of the most diverse cities in the United States. The new site includes a blog, a large events section, improved readability, faster load times, and overall quality of life for visitors and the local community.

The development of the website is entrusted to its own company and not to third parties, which allows for faster maintenance and control of the website. Visit Manuel Angel, Its head of digital marketing, and his partner Julio Angel have developed a site with easier navigation and more control, greater freedom, faster response times for users, and an improved content management system for the team. All of this, of course, while maintaining talent and atmosphere that reflects the spirit, enhanced by the fact that the designers were born and raised in the people of Vallejo who know more about Vallejo than any other outside organization.

“A new website hasn’t been needed for a long time,” said Mike Browne, president, and CEO. “This is fun and full of extras, gives users new and old and an improved platform to experience our small town here in North Bay.”

Visit invites visitors to explore the new site by browsing newly developed content on their computer, tablet, or significantly improved mobile version.

“We believe visitors and locals alike will love this new location,” says Browne, “and appreciate the uniqueness and energy of Vallejo, Calif., Spirit of the Bay!

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