Why B2B Companies Need To Think About Content Marketing Beyond Lead Generation

Lauren is the CEO of S&G Content Marketing, an agency that helps brands build innovative leadership and customer engagement. In April, Nevada Senator Catherine Cortez Masto released a report calling for more legislative and regulatory reforms to protect small franchise owners. When I read the main conclusions, I realized that there are striking parallels between their findings – that multinational franchisees need to better prepare for success – and my observations about B2B marketing.

Today, any marketer can repeat the ‘content is king’ mantra – that’s why you’ll see a blog section on almost every website (even if it’s often outdated or sparsely populated). However, in the B2B industry, I have found that content marketing usually enters the first generation stage of the sales trend. It always amazes me. Obviously, it’s important for brands to create downloadable ebooks as the main magnets and SEO keyword articles to promote search traffic, but I think that doesn’t clarify what content marketing can and should be.

We are doing better than pumping content as a way to generate inbound directions. In an increasingly competitive scenario, I think B2B brands should start thinking more broadly about their content marketing strategy, rather than approaching it as an isolated sales tactic.

What are you doing to help your current customers succeed in content marketing?

Just as Cortez Masto encourages companies to provide resources and training to franchisees, I encourage B2B brands to use content marketing as a tool to support their customers’ goals. Take some of the resources you use to generate the most important content and use them to reach your existing customer base. Think about how you can attract potential customers and provide your customers – the end-users – with a better experience.

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