Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketing and SEO

Whether you’re researching new keywords or improving your writing skills, check out the 13 best Chrome extensions for digital marketing.

As digital marketers know, trends in the industry are changing rapidly.

It can be overwhelming to keep up with the ever-changing landscape.

The use of practical tools makes it much easier to stay up to date and apply best practices in SEO and digital marketing.

Here are  great options available as Chrome extensions to increase the efficiency and productivity of your browser.

1. CoSchedule Headline Studio

CoSchedule’s Headline Studio is a Chrome extension designed to help marketers optimize their news to drive more traffic.

Headline Studio uses extensive data to analyze headlines & suggest better words and phrases to improve SEO.

It also provides an analysis to see if the stock is performing better or competing better.

Headline Studio is ideal for marketers who want to hone their writing skills and consistently deliver high-quality intriguing titles that stand out from the crowd.

2. Vocabulary

Wordtune uses AI technology to evaluate your work and help you create a clearer and more engaging writing style.

While all content generated by AI is considered spam according to Google’s search quality guidelines, it can be very helpful to use an AI tool to improve your writing style.

With the free version of Wordtune you will get benefits from:

• Tips.

• Rewrite.

In addition to the features above, the Premium version of Wordtune offers:

• Search for words.

• Tone control.

• Length control.

• Smart chair.

3. SEO Pro Extension

The SEO Pro extension is designed to quickly analyze the features of the website to provide a simple overview of SEO data and tips to improve the SERP ranking (search engine results).

The SEO Pro extension also determines which parts of your website do not have complete SEO information, such as images without ALT tags.

With SEO Pro Extension, you can also analyze the websites of your competitors to provide suggestions on how you can optimize your website within the context of your specific industry.

4. Buffer extension

Buffer is a platform that allows you to easily share your brand’s social media content.

The Buffer Chrome extension creates a simple process to share selected articles if you find them.

5. Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

The Buffer Chrome extension creates a simple process to share selected articles if you find them.

6. MozBar

MozBar is an on-page SEO toolbar designed to speed up your team’s research process, especially when it comes to link analysis.

It is also useful for comparative evaluations in the circumstances you are considering.

With one click, MozBar allows you to compile SEO statistics for any web page.

MozBar features include:

• Check page authority and domain authority when looking for external links.

• Tag keywords on all pages to analyze how your competitors have used them.

• The distribution of links on a Web page based on results, not results, externally or internally.

• Run the SERP analysis in a separate file.

7. Grammar

Inappropriate writing immediately eliminates blog readers. The Grammarly Chrome extension is useful for marketers who want to improve their writing and audio professionals.

From grammar and spelling mistakes to highlighting weird phrases, Grammarly is one of Chrome’s best digital marketing extensions when it comes to editing.

Whether you’re writing blog posts or landing pages (or even personal emails), Grammarly improves your writing style and helps you say exactly what you’re doing.

With the free version of Grammarly, you will benefit from tips related to:

• Spelling.

• Grammar.

•          Punctuation marks.

• Concision.

The Premium version of Grammarly provides more information on tips related to:

• Clarity.

• Toni.

• Plagiarism.

• Choice of words.

• Formalities.

8. Keywords everywhere

Keyword research is an important part of SEO. Keywords everywhere can speed up the process. Keywords on the page:

• Analysis of search volumes.

9.Cost-per-click (CPC) based on keyword data.

• Information about the competition.

• Trend analysis.

Written by Cursive

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10. CloudApp

With CloudApp, you can conduct one-click surveys to make it easier for your team to share information.

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