Play a leading role in the development, management, and delivery of UC&M digital strategy in line with the university’s strategic plan, which expands our digital capability

University Communication and Marketing Information at the University of Melbourne

The University’s Communication and Marketing position provides strategic, advisory, and operational services in support of the university’s academic mission and strategy. It promotes a culture of best practice and collaboration between university communication and marketing teams and stakeholders and uses sound information to inform decision-making within the university.

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As co-director of digital strategy and performance optimization, you are responsible for the development, management, and delivery of UC & M’s digital strategy in line with the university’s strategic plan; manage performance reports, and coordinate continuous optimization of related activities. Its responsibilities will also include: expanding our digital capability, including developing and adapting the technology marketing strategy in close collaboration with corporate services, the digital transformation agency, and through communication and marketing.

You will also work to enable and apply the best practices of data and digital marketing, as well as to create and optimize digital opportunities. This position is responsible for monitoring performance to ensure the transformation of digital channels and to ensure the best digital performance in the classroom to achieve the university’s goals.

In this position, you lead a team of professionals in strategy, performance, and team optimization.


• Maximize your benefits through our payment package program

• Flexible family policy with generous holidays and benefits

• The opportunity to work in a culturally rich environment

• A significant discount for employees and their immediate family who are eligible for further study at the University of Melbourne


The university is a vibrant campus. We create clubs and networks that provide the opportunity to participate in and collaborate with other university staff. We strive to create an environment where staff and students promote culturally inclusive behaviors and activities, to ensure that cultural differences are heard and explored, and to actively strive to learn from other cultures.

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