Facebook Presents Redesigned Settings Layout to make it Easier to Find Each Element| 2021

Facebook is launching a redesigned settings page in the app to make it easier to find the many tools and options available to customize and enhance your individual experience on the platform.

As you can see here, the updated format offers more space between each element, with less text on the main screen to clutter up the view, providing better guidance for each option. It also groups several elements and reduces the number of main options displayed: for example, the new “Payments” menu lists all payment instruments instead of now listing them individually.

“Whether it’s managing the ads people see, changing secondary settings, or selecting a target audience for channels, people shouldn’t think too much about where to start. Get closer to people’s mental models.”

The settings screen, Facebook Notes, is now grouped into six broad categories, each of which includes several related tools and options.

These categories are:

  • Account
  • Preferences
  • Hearing and visibility
  • Rights
  • Your information
  • Community Rules and Legal Policies

It’s definitely a leaner approach, with the cleaner and more focused format making it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for, which should help users better understand the various options available.

Facebook says the updated format has also made it possible to place several independent settings next to your onscreen settings.

“For example, the News Feed setting, which previously lived in a smaller category, is now in Preferences, where it’s grouped with similar settings.”

This makes sense: for example, if you update your preferences, you will have all the options available in the section, rather than appearing in its various functional areas.

Facebook has also updated its settings search tools to help users find the section they need by removing the “Privacy Settings” category altogether, rather than moving each privacy element to other related categories. It might seem like Facebook’s attempt to limit the use of its privacy options, but Facebook says that including each privacy tool in related categories, better aligns with how users want to personalize their experience.

But just in case, Facebook has also added a new privacy management shortcut at the top of its settings homepage (which you can see in the screenshot above).

Functionally, the update doesn’t add anything new; It simply rearranges elements into a more user-friendly format, ideal for the way users search for each aspect.

Of course, we can only follow what Facebook says about how users manage configuration options, but the example offers a more intuitive and focused layout that can optimize usage.

The redesigned Facebook settings layout is released today for all users, on Android, iOS, mobile web, and FB Lite.

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