Household Cleaning Products Market: growth expected in 2021

Household Cleaning Products:

Household cleaning products by-products (surface cleaners, dishwashers, bathroom cleaners, and other cleaners (bleach)), distribution channel (offline and online) and geographic area (APAC, Europe, South America) North, MEA and South America) the next Technavio Series. The global home cleaning products market is expected to grow by $ 20.13 billion, from a CAGR of more than 6% in 2020-2024.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has led to the launch of total closures around the world. This had a significant impact on logistics and supply chain activities, which had a direct impact on supplier manufacturing activities. However, the consumption of household cleaning products has increased as people have been forced to stay at home, which has increased market demand.

The market must be driven by such factors as primary and secondary housing market growth, changes in consumer purchasing patterns, product innovation, and portfolio expansion.

Home cleaning products market: opportunities

Consumers are becoming more aware of health and hygiene. This, in combination with the increase in disposable income and consumer spending, increases the consumption of household cleaning products. The market is also experiencing strong growth in the middle class, especially in developing regions such as APAC and South America. All of these factors are expected to create significant growth opportunities for suppliers over the forecast period.

Household Cleaning Products Market: Product Segmentation

Based on the product segmentation, the market will achieve the highest turnover in the cleaning products segment in 2019. The segment is driven by the growing demand for disinfectants, universal cleaners, bathroom cleaners, and specialty cleaners. Additionally, the change in consumer lifestyle will have a positive effect on segment growth over the forecast period.

Home Cleaning Products Market: Geographical Purpose

APAC holds the largest market share in 2019 and market growth in the region is expected to be faster than market growth in other regions. The growth of the APAC market can be attributed to rapid globalization, a growing number of two-income households, increased hygiene awareness, and changes in consumer preferences for advanced home cleaning products. In addition, the launch of several government initiatives to promote hygiene and hygiene is expected to contribute to the growth of the household laundry detergent market in APAC over the projected period.

One of the Fortune 500 companies used the detailed market research report for Household Cleaning Products and decided to increase its market share in the APAC region which offers the largest market opportunities during the forecast period.

Household Cleaning Products Market: Major Suppliers

Church & Dwight Co. Inc.

The company offers a wide variety of home care products through different brands such as Arm and Hammer, Hull and Seal, Liquid Balance, Cat Pain, KABOOM, GLO Orange, Clean, and Scrub Free Shower.

Colgate-Palmolive Co.

The company offers a wide range of home products from different brands such as British, suaveitel, murphy, Palmolive, Ajax, fleecy, sun pine, axion, Godinho, sta-sag, soup line, and fofo.

Henkel AG & Co. KGaA

The company offers specialty detergents and cleaners, laundry additives, cleaners, hard surface and bathroom cleaners, air conditioners, and insect repellents.

Kao Corp.

The company offers a wide range of home cleaning products, including laundry detergents, household and kitchen cleaners, plasticizers, and paper cleaners.

Unilever Group

The company offers household cleaners, household cleaners, and air and water purification products. The company offers a wide range of home care products through different brands such as cif, DAY2, domestic, OMO, surf, and sun.

In addition to market data, Technavio offers customizations for the specific needs of companies. The following customization options are available for the Home Cleaning Report:

 Regional analysis

• Further explanations on market segmentation in the desired regions.

 Information on economic operators

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