Instagram Launches ’10 Days of Live Shopping’ Event to Showcase its Evolving eCommerce Tools

Instagram is looking to boost its inbound trading momentum with the launch of a new “10 days of live shopping” event, featuring a series of in-app launches for celebrities, allowing live shopping to connect with Instagram audiences.

As explained by Instagram:

Fashion, beauty, music, and lifestyle come together like never before, with more than ten days of live shopping on Instagram. People can sign up for intimate events with Selena Gomez, Kacey Musgraves, Lil Yachty, and other surprise guests starting September 1st. Events give access only to new releases, offers, and exclusive products. “

As Instagram notes, the event features several celebrities showcasing new products, along with big brands (usually their own brands), with streams scheduled throughout the month.

Users can take advantage of these features by navigating to the new “Live” destination under the “Store” tab, a dedicated space in the Instagram shopping experience for specific store flows.

The combination of unique products and the ability to interact with celebrities in real-time is sure to draw a large audience, making Instagram the perfect opportunity to showcase your evolving e-commerce options before the holiday season begins.

Commerce has been the main focus of the app in recent years, starting with the advent of Instagram stores, which Facebook accelerated to resist the e-commerce shift driven by the pandemic. The broader view is that all Instagram images and videos will end up “buying” with the creators of Facebook and/or systems by tagging related items in each frame, leading to new common usage behaviors that more and more people are embracing. Instagram will buy more regularly and offer new monetization options for the app.

In fact, this would be the ideal scenario for all social apps, with each platform now using its e-commerce potential in different ways to expand usage behavior and provide more incentives for brands to build more presence and trust in their apps.

Both Facebook and YouTube are at the forefront of object recognition in video clips, with YouTube already experimenting with automated object tags that can eventually provide more direct product options associated with each track. Facebook is doing the same research, and as interest in live shopping grows, it’s also working on new stream viewing options, further expanding its in-app shopping business.

According to the Facebook survey, released earlier this year, consumers are increasingly interested in live shopping, with 89% of people interested in the option.

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