Pinterest tests the new vertical scroll feed in full screen to find pin

Pinterest appears to be the latest social media app to follow the TikTok-inspired trend of vertical import of browsing content, and a new “Watch” mode is being tested for Pin discovery. As you can see in this example posted by user @KenSchildlinger, the new full-screen detection option includes a “Browse” and “View” screen, with “Browse” mode the traditional Pinterest search feed and “Browse” mode switch to a TikTok-style slideshow of the same, with video pens and still images displayed in a vertical scrolling stream.

“We are always testing new products and features to help our Pinners community discover inspiring ideas, as we develop more ways for creators and brands to reach a global audience that wants to try new things.”

Pinterest did not provide specific information on this test, nor on how many users have access to the display feed. But again, TikTok’s popularity seems to inspire even more UX options in more applications as platforms seem to align with emerging usage behavior and maximize engagement.

Which makes sense. TikTok has been the most downloaded app every month for nearly two consecutive years, and its growth momentum is unlike any social app we’ve seen in the past. This has led to entirely new interactive processes and has led Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat to create their own feeds of TikTok-like content while staying in touch with their ever-changing audience.

In that sense, it makes sense that Pinterest feels at least the same thing. I mean, if an app has visually aligned content and they know that people always want to see it in a vertical full-screen feed, why not offer it, to maximize user engagement?

It might be a little test and it might fail, but it feels like a meaningful experiment again – and with Pinterest already in line with the trend towards social storytelling (by Idea Pins), it also fits the more forward-thinking approach to app development. . .

Will it help people discover more content through Pins and guide the development of the platform as an e-commerce demonstration tool? We will keep you informed of any progress.

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