Twitter adds new updates to its improved version of TweetDeck

After releasing a trial version of its new and improved version of Tweetdeck in July, Twitter announced another round of updates for the platform, which is still only in invite mode, but it looks like it will be available soon.

First, Twitter has re-added the DM column, providing another way to keep up to date with the various tweet events.

The ability to manage DMs along with their tweets has always been a useful element, and the improved display in the new Tweetdeck, along with the updated “Decks”, will further ensure that social media executives can make the best choice.

Twitter also wants to improve its real-time tracking capabilities – now all columns are automatically updated to keep up with the latest news.

Twitter also recently added the ability to add an existing account and switch between accounts in the TweetDeck preview window.

This option gives you more options to manage your updates if you want to add an existing account:

  • Click on your profile icon
  • Select “Add an existing account”
  • After adding your account(s), you can switch between them by clicking your profile icon and then clicking the profile icon(s) of the added accounts

It’s also easier to jump to the top of the column (just look at the “Browse” and “View New Tweets” above) while adding a new delete option to accidentally delete a column in your show.

Finally, Twitter has added some improvements to the mouse and scrollbar function, which improves on-screen navigation.

None of these changes are necessarily innovative, and as regular TweetDeck users will notice, many of these features have been available on TweetDeck in various forms for some time now. But these new and improved variations will help maximize functionality, while Twitter also continues to work on a larger update to the entire TweetDeck app.

As noted, the new version of TweetDeck is currently being tested and Twitter plans to expand access soon.

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