Twitter Presents New, Less-Cluttered Design across Platforms

Twitter is introducing several changes to its web and phone apps to make them less cluttered and simpler. The design changes aim to make Twitter “more accessible, unique, and targeted” to users and what they’re talking about. Changes include the addition of a new font called Chirp. Launched in January, this font family is a blend of American Gothic and European grotesque styles. It integrates specific artificial idiosyncrasies of the first woodcuts.

The social media platform of its official Twitter account Design has announced design changes to its web platforms, Android and iOS. The interface colors have been updated to offer high contrast and much less blue. This change was made to bring more attention to photos and videos shared on the platform. Twitter also says it wants to offer users new palette options, which will soon offer new color options.

Additionally, Twitter is also introducing new high-contrast buttons to highlight important actions. Changes were also made to the “Follow” button. It is now black in color and will help you quickly see what actions you have taken. Visual clutter has been eliminated to make the text easier to read and make the media stand out. Twitter has reduced gray background areas and removed unnecessary dividing lines. It also increased the space between texts to make them easier to read.

Chirp font is also available for all web apps, Android and iOS users. Previously, Twitter relied on sources like SF Pro, Roboto, and Helvetica Neue on its platforms. Chirp is Twitter’s first font and aims to be clear and readable (with good density), but with personality and distinction. The font was developed in collaboration with Grilli Type Foundry in Switzerland.

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