1-800 Contacts doubles down on the digital customer experience

How they responded to 1-800 contacts to register their home application.

The flashback maybe 20/20, but 1-800 Contacts, the largest contact lens retailer in the United States, has had a vision since 2018 to combine personalization with effective e-commerce and messaging to get you started. Year. An increase in online purchases.

“Before [COVID], our customer experience usually started over the phone, but we are an e-commerce player with a digital focus and we always focus on the customer experience,” says Phil Bienert, manager of 1-800 contacts. “We wouldn’t be able to imagine a day without the benefit of using technology to improve the customer experience.”

Personalization has been at the heart of 1-800 Contacts’ e-commerce transformation and to support this process, they chose Redpoint Global as the platform to orchestrate the omnichannel experiences behind their customer experience strategy. 1-800 Contacts uses Redpoint’s one customer engagement hub, launched in June this year, which combines real-time data, analytics, and orchestration.

Technology selection

1-800 Contacts has chosen the rgOne platform to personalize messages and offers in real-time on all contact points of the customer journey while preserving the privacy and security of customer data. As part of personalization, the rgOne hub provides a “gold record” for each consumer, a continuous record that provides the best context for engaging each customer at any given time.

“We help brands adapt to changes in consumer behavior by using consumer data to understand current customer relationships and deliver meaningful, relevant, timely, and personalized experiences,” said George Corugedo, CTO and co-founder of Redpoint.

The 1-800 Contacts brand has been around for 25 years, so the best customer experience should still reflect brand equity by combining digital and non-digital customer journeys. This included the web experience, the call center experience, and the mobile app client journey.

Prior to the surge in online demand this year, 1-800 Contact ran all e-commerce internally on their platform and didn’t bring many external technology partners into the subscriber industry. This was partly due to stringent legal requirements, including compliance with the Health Insurance Liability and Portability Act (HIPAA).

Registration of registrations

“Over the past nine months, we have seen a huge increase in the demand for internal orders,” Bienert said. ‘We serve a record number of customers with a 100% increase in new customers. At the moment, 1-800 tournaments are in the middle of the peak season as people enjoy the benefits of Vision expiring at the end of the year.

Biernat continued. “We are prepared for that. If we were not already connected to a platform similar to Redpoint, we would have to connect [immediately].

1-800 Contact ”has also developed a range of online medical devices, including Exame Expresso, a fast-paced process that has become popular with first responders, key healthcare professionals, and customers who are unable to order new lenses from their doctors.

“As one of the original consumer-focused brands, 1-800 Contact Staff knows all about the value of differentiated experiences,” said John Nash, director of marketing and strategy at Redpoint Global. “It’s a valuable approach in these turbulent times.”

Vision 2021

Bet 1-800 Contact Again that the forecast will meet the highest demand by purchasing an app-based Israeli telemedicine solution, 6over6 Vision, by the end of 2019. The app can perform an extensive vision test. the approval process of the Food and Drug Administration.

For 2021, the first priority for 1-800 contacts is a continuous testing regime to ensure high automation and operational performance. It also aims to implement a new business plan focusing on orchestration and personalization.

“We care about our largest number of customers, but at the same time we still need to deepen the digital experience,” said Bienert. ‘We’re still launching campaigns, but it’s great to have Redpoint in our business. So far we are very satisfied with what we see ”.

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