10 tactics to improve your email marketing campaigns

From the mobile response to A / B testing, these tips are essential to get your message across to customers.

With COVID-19 blocking personal marketing, marketers are putting even more pressure on the original ‘king’: email. But with a new focus, it is your responsibility to ensure that you consider best practices when negotiating.

Email marketing should be about how you can improve [the recipient’s] life today, albeit to a small extent, said, director of content marketing at Constant Contact. You can show urgency by including your products and services in a way that meets the changing needs of customers, without forcing discounts and products. Email marketing is about sharing information [the recipient] the way you want, including tone, duration, and time. 

Charest exclusively shared with MarTech Today his top 10 tips for building effective email marketing campaigns during the COVID era:

Use a responsive mobile model

In 2020, we learned that small and large companies need to communicate with their customers in different ways and more often than ever, The most effective way to optimize content for mobile devices is to use a mobile-friendly model.

This model ensures that content can be easily viewed on different device platforms, and more than half of the email is now accessed on a mobile device.

Don’t be ‘too commercial’

if your efforts look very profitable, you shouldn’t expect too much involvement in your campaigns, Using a sincere and compassionate tone in your email marketing has always been something that companies should consider, but it is especially true today.

More than a numbers game

Be aware that there are people on the other side of the message, Stop thinking of campaigns as a numbers game, but focus more on building and cultivating real customer relationships.

Clear call to action

The call to action can be a wide range of trading tools, from QR codes to online coupons and telephone campaigns. Regardless of the response platform, the call to action must be clear. Charest emphasizes that buttons and links must be easy to find and click.

Readers need to know exactly what you want them to do after reading your email. And it must be incredibly easy for them to do that.

Remember the property on the screen

All messages and calls to action must be short due to limited screen space.

The subject lines must also be clear and concise to fit the screen of a cell phone so that it is not cut.

The content and appearance of the email are even more important in the design of mobile devices,

Short topic lines

The subject lines of the email should not be longer than 4-7 words, It should include specificity, conciseness, familiar language, and personalized messages.

Although the brands have been successful to varying degrees,  the increase in the number of COVID marketers is enabling users to get the most out of email tracking equipment.

Use a light shade

One of the biggest changes we’ve seen since the pandemic is the need for transparency and authenticity, Do not mislead the user, because he is smart. They know when you are dishonest and do not respond positively, and they may not even be on your list.”

Make sure that the content of your email matches the subject line. Content should never be confusing, not even with children’s demographics.

First look at the subject lines

Big email marketing campaigns mean more leads, conversions, and revenue. Subject lines are critical to conversions, and testing can be done manually or via an external platform.

The best instructions for manually testing subject lines:

• Resize the main point you want to transfer

• Apply subject lines

• Describe the rules and barriers of the test and determine the percentage of customers who receive each of the two e-mail subjects

• Test the distributing  email to both groups with different subject lines

• Analyze the results of multiple campaigns, without counting the results of a single campaign

Having an outsourced partner to assist you in this process can dramatically reduce costs and provide more comprehensive performance analysis for each topic,

Simplified e-commerce

Methods to make it easier for users to shop online are one of the things our customers need most, regardless of their industry. The most important thing now is the accessibility of e-commerce.

Make sure you measure

Charest always recommends that you use basic statistics to measure email marketing campaigns:

• Shipping costs

• Free refund

• Click-through rate

• Conversion rate

For more detailed reports he also recommends:

• Commitment to programming

• Number of registration requests

• Rejection rate

• Share by email to share

• Register by email

• Income per subscriber

The best way to measure email marketing and topic success is to compare your business’s metrics and results with you, In addition, incorporating social media, videos,  other dynamic content into email marketing campaigns is an effective way to serve customers wherever they are and to deliver excellent content in an increasingly attractive format.

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