2021 resolutions: 5 tips for your Google Ads campaigns

What if you decide to stop your Google Ads budget by 2021 and improve the profitability of your campaigns?

What if you decide to stop wasting your Google Ads budget in 2021 and increase the profitability of your campaigns?

Google tends to add more automation and complexity to its advertising products. It can help with the day-to-day campaign, but it changes readability and control over the campaign.

As a marketer, you must be in control of your campaigns and strategies. Google optimizations are not always relevant to you, nor do you know the context of your brand. One solution would be to use a campaign optimization tool such as SEO. It helps you better understand your campaigns and makes you responsible for the final decision.

To be successful in 2021, you need to be able to do new things: integrate more data, take control of Google’s automated optimization, compete with more competitors … but you’re running out of time. Let’s take a look at the five New Year’s resolutions we’ll be focusing on in 2021:

1. IF OFF, Objective: INPUT

Google promotes consistency in all campaigns. The better your keywords perform, the better your overall campaign performance will work. This was the reason for the infamous single keyword (or SKAG) advertising strategy, which was popular a few years ago. Frankly, it was an uncontrollable mess. Fortunately, Google recently released a few updates that made SKAGs irrelevant: similar updates, many similar variants, and so on.

So, if consistency is key, but SKAGs are very high, what should we do? As with marketing, we must work with common sense. In this situation, the user must have grouped the Polar Star around the keywords.

Internet users who search for your brand will likely only convert and buy once on your site. First, all keywords related to your brand need to be grouped together to deliver the best CPA and return on ads. Second, those who mention keywords like “price” or “discount” are a strong sign of buying intent. While ‘specific’, ‘size’ or ‘warranty’ phrases are important to offer, your CTR and CR will be lower, so you should have a lower offer. If you want to improve the results, you need to visualize and quantify the areas where you can improve things and find new customers. The trick is to structure your account correctly.

It can be a long and confusing process. An easy way to get started is to use insight tools, such as the SEISO Google Ads Analyzer report, to help you understand your current campaigns.

2. Make your campaign clearer without wasting advertising costs

With dozens of campaigns, hundreds of words of ad text, and tens of thousands of keywords, it can be hard to keep up. However, it is the key to your success. Poor performance spend is the part of your investment in Google Ads that have a low-Quality Score or aren’t generating enough conversions. Over time, it will take longer because you maintain and add the terms and conditions every day, and new additions will be added. After a few years, it can become uncontrollable.

To reduce wasted spend, you need access to two reports: the Quality Score and the Search Report to analyze the search terms that trigger your ads.

You can also save time and quantify your potential savings with the free SEISO cleaning tool. Our observation with over 6,000 accounts verified monthly is that marketers can save up to 32% on average on their spend, without impacting performance, and less at the right agencies.

3. Double your strengths

Advertisers often think they need to buy new keywords to generate more sales.

While this is true, it’s just as important to make sure you have the maximum market share in the keywords that make you the most profit (except, of course, brand traffic)!

The best way to make sure you don’t miss out on opportunities is to track the number of impressions in the Google Ads SERPs.

Missed impressions represent missed search opportunities related to the selected keywords. You need to focus on the top ten campaigns and keep track of your competitors’ market share if you can’t

4. Let it shine

Text and images are playing an increasingly important role in campaigns. Since a user is exposed to more than 6,000 ads every day, you need to stand out to get attention.

The quality of the ad weighs up to 80% of the performance of the Facebook advertising campaign, and we see a similar trend in Google ads.

And the importance of images is also increasing in the Google Ads network!

The secret to optimizing your ads and advertisements is the power of statistics. You can never be sure which ad will work best, but now you can test your best guesses. The magic number is between 3 and 5. Always try a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 ads in an ad group.

Think about the benchmark: SEISO will also recommend priority areas for improvement: ad optimization, use of ad extensions, etc.

5. Spend smarter, that’s all

Google is increasingly catching up with Facebook with its user-oriented approach. Not only should your spending be attributed to keywords or rankings, but you should also consider user profiles.

Data is collected from the user’s explanatory information, when and where it is online, as well as data shared by Google Analytics and data obtained from previous searches (for example, if a user searches for a baseball scoreboard, he is a lover of sports). Make bid adjustments for your audiences and apply the main criteria to consider user profiles.

 Integrating audience sizes into your campaigns is essential: socio-demographic, time/day of the week, geographic area, devices, etc.

Bonus tips:

 Do not forget to check out the global and therefore important campaigns where differences are important.

It’s great to start the year with New Year’s resolutions, but it’s just the first step. The secret of a modern Google Ads account throughout the year is to maintain a steady pace of work.

There is much more to discover in the SEISO analysis report, including expert tips and best practices for Google Ads, account activity analysis, budget management tips, and more than 75 selected criteria.

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