4 ways to make your e-commerce experience engaging and bright

During the holidays, the interest in tenants is greater than ever before. Better than the competition by offering a rich visual experience.

“There is no place like a vacation home” sounds more than ever before. Due to the pandemic, consumers avoid the crowds in the store and choose to shop online to replenish their Christmas shopping. Buyers are free to collect, purchase and deliver gifts at home.

Deloitte expects e-commerce sales to grow by 25% to 35% during the holiday season this season, with sales between $ 182 billion and $ 196 billion. Electronic brands have an excellent opportunity to communicate online with the growing number of consumers and offer a portion of the pie. To gain market share in a very competitive environment, they need to invest in the right digital tools to create an attractive online experience for the customer.

Here are some easy ways in which brands can improve their e-commerce sites to communicate with customers during the holidays.

Shake the perspective of the product

Because consumers do not shop during the holidays, it is more important than ever to provide accurate and detailed versions of their products online to retailers. Since buyers cannot touch, feel, taste, or smell the products, it is imperative that what appears on the website gives them an idea of what to expect when they place an order. For this, brands can use two main tools to display products.

Rotating product display

In a brick-and-mortar store, buyers can pick up an item and view every corner of a product. Retailers can recreate this experience by adding 360-degree product views so viewers can rotate the item with their finger or mouse. This can be done through rotating photos or interactive 360-degree videos. Because they can rotate almost any item on the screen, buyers can have confidence in what they are buying, which lowers the return and increases customer satisfaction.

Another way to mimic the physical experience is to offer detailed zoom features that allow customers to take a closer look at each part of the product. For example, if you are buying a luxury handbag, you can enlarge the zippers, zippers, fabric, and more. For this, a large version of the product image in high resolution is essential. With the best version of the finest details, detailed zooming can increase site efficiency and encourage customers to ‘add to cart.

Buy videos and micro-videos coming to town

We have said it countless times; video is a powerful and engaging platform that is easily one of the most effective ways to communicate with consumers. Videos simply capture a message in a way that images cannot reach a static image and go beyond a completely engaging story with features such as sound and motion. During the holidays, brands can create step-by-step videos with videos and microfilms.

Sales video

The shopping videos feature the products next to the video in an expandable product bar, which allows visitors to interact with the products and find more details. This tool adds a more engaging user experience by directing visitors to relevant pages to make purchases and by adding clickable entry points highlighting the exact location of the product. Rather than just showing links when the video playback stops, links appear throughout the video, bringing products to life through interactivity, increasing sales and brand awareness.

Micro video

Consumers need little attention, and brands need to reduce it. Therefore, micro-video content, short videos of 5-20 seconds, can play an important role in attracting viewers and influencing the audience. To respond to the video, it must fill the screen width with the original aspect ratio. Done right, this short format can provide a fun yet powerful opportunity to increase engagement and conversions in seconds.

This is the age of microbreweries

If you think outside of just the eCommerce site, there’s also the opportunity to unlock the power of ‘dark social’ or the internet traffic generated when people share links through private channels. For example, in the spirit of gifts, people give their wish lists to family and friends in the hope that what they ask for will appear under the tree. Consumers often use private communication apps, microbrowsers called Facebook Messenger, Slack, and WhatsApp, to send these product links to loved ones.

When designing their e-commerce sites, brands must ensure that an ideal image or video is viewed as a link in a thumbnail. Cloudinary’s State of Visual Media Report 2020 has found that providing links offers good opportunities for engagement, but many brands often see how the design of their website can affect the version generated. When brands don’t care about this important potential customer, they are missing out on the valuable offers from colleagues selling and reading.

Good news for brands that bring visual experiences online

It’s been an unusual year for brands and it’s hard to predict what will happen next. One thing we do know is that those who create an engaging and engaging eCommerce experience with these tips are sure to win these customers over.

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