5 tips for adding connected TV to your holiday ad strategy

If the broadcast time is recorded on the TV, it will not be possible to keep the TV commercials on vacation.

There’s no question: this year, you need to add a connected TV to your holiday ad strategy. With 81% of total watch time on connected TVs year over year, millions of shoppers will spend more time on TV shows. And while you might initially think viewers are more in tune with subscribers like Netflix or Disney +, it’s ad-related TV that draws large numbers of viewers; according to the IAB survey:

• 73% of viewers broadcast content supported by CTV.

• 45% of viewers who broadcast watch multiple TVs with commercials.

In the meantime, the holidays must be very important for e-commerce. Last year, vacation e-commerce sales increased 13.2% to $ 137.6 billion. This double-digit growth occurred before the COVID-19 crisis forced millions of shoppers to search online for everything from gifts to groceries. And with 66% of shoppers saying they want to buy more vacations online, we can expect an eCommerce eclipse last year.

Linked TV ads are right at the crossroads of these two major consumer trends. The digital approach to television advertising makes it an ideal solution for brands looking to increase their presence in television marketing. Because it can serve as an advertising channel for direct response, it’s an excellent option for any advertiser who wants to associate specific performance goals with their ad spend. SteelHouse Performance TV, our CTV advertising solution, is particularly effective at defining important stats for our 2020 advertisers.

We describe the best ways to take advantage of this year’s best TV opportunity in our marketing guide for 2020 and encourage you to do research. However, if you’d like a quick tip, we’ll grab your attention. Here are the five most important things to consider when adding related TVs to your holiday advertising strategy.

1.Use connected TV searches to reach new valuable audiences

Connected TV is great for showing your brand to a new audience. This is because it uses audience targeting and a digital advertising channel, such as social media or display. SteelHouse Performance TV, for example, uses Oracle Date Cloud (the world’s largest provider of CTV viewers) to give advertisers access to tens of thousands of viewers.

Shoppers often look for brands they already know, so it’s important to reach them early in the shopping season. Evaluate your audience based on demographics, interests, or even geography to find your ideal audience, then match your audience to market segments to make sure your audience wants to buy. Here are some other best practices:

• Start early | Launch your CTV prospecting campaigns to increase brand awareness among key audiences.

• Start multiple campaigns | Target different types of buyers with different campaigns – Target buyers in one gift and buyers in another.

• Give a direct answer | CTV prospecting offers an effective cost per visit, as it is ideal for convincing the user to negotiate; gives your ad a strong visual and audible ATA.

2. Reconnect with your visitors via the linked TV direction

Once your potential campaigns attract new audiences to your site, it’s time to explore the new audience. CTV Redesign allows you to use your data and drive visitors to your website with high-quality ads displayed on the television.

The CT scale is an excellent opportunity for immediate response advertising. Because only 10% of marketers see video ads as a bottom-up funnel strategy, with the CT redesign you have a competitive edge because it can ignore the competition.

• Become aggressive | They’ve visited your site but haven’t bought it, so shoppers should have an added incentive to switch. Add more aggressive offers and promotions to these ads to get them back on track.

• Driveway in November | Start redirecting campaigns before Black Friday and keep them active until the new year.

• Focus on the products The customers you refer to know all of your brands, so put your products in the center of the ad.

3. Immerse your audience

Streaming TV ads are ideal for grabbing users’ attention and generates 32% more ad recognition than the closest device. But buyers regularly switch devices at the end of the year. It’s a good idea to show related image ads (both in the message and aesthetically) on the web and mobile devices to make sure you’re delivering a consistent message across multiple channels.

For simplicity and consistency, we recommend using a CTV advertising platform that has the ability to deliver CTV and display ads for a single campaign. For this reason, SteelHouse uses Performance TV Audience Extension, which delivers related image ads on the web and mobile devices to viewers who also see their CTV ads. It offers an impressive experience that produces better results than simple image ads. For example, here’s a televised remake campaign for outstanding performance by a major pension provider that’s just on the road for programs.

• 48% higher return on ad spend

• 229% more unique visitors to the site

• 45% fewer costs per visit

• 98% fewer impressions per visit

4. Provide a quality hosting experience

While viewers can watch TV on their mobile phones or desktop, the vast majority are watching TV. This is good news for advertisers because:

• Nearly 90% of viewers use a second digital device while watching TV.

• 65% use a second screen to search for advanced brands while streaming.

This user behavior indicates the importance of using a CTV ad solution that sends TV screens to CTV ads rather than to mobile or desktop devices. A viewer is unlikely to leave the stream to visit your site, but they will likely visit the show and start watching. Be careful, as some CTV advertising solutions claim to offer CTV inventory, but actually combine it with other video inventories published on non-TV devices.

SteelHouse Performance TV offers CTV commercials exclusively for television screens on major streaming networks, such as Hulu, ESPN, Bravo, FOX Sports, and over 150 others. This ensures that your CTV ads provide an experience traditionally seen only in theaters and television. It also provides valuable brand protection for your Christmas shopping ads and uses the natural habits of second-screen viewers to navigate directly to your website.

5. Follow the purchase paths between devices

Accurate metering of all devices is essential for linked TV commercials. After all, shoppers can’t switch to TV, so you’ll need to find a way to find it from the moment you see the CTV ad until the conversion date on your website.

SteelHouse uses verified visits to devices, which is our technology that measures your users’ visitors over time and gives you a complete overview of your ads. It is fully integrated with Google Analytics, so you can also measure and verify your performance using the leading third-party analytics platform. 

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