A guide to visual storytelling

Businesses are shifting from disruptive marketing to the narrative that viewers don’t consider advertising

Unfortunately, disinformation and disinformation are the negative advantages of the digital world. The policy is full of fake news, alternative facts, and conspiracy theories, leading some to rethink the dangers of a post-truth environment.

The same dangers are also increasing in the commercial world. The false narrative that deliberately creates false information also affects products and services, said Shlomi Ron, CEO of the Visual Storytelling Institute. For example, Ron mentions that Coca looks like Dasani’s bottled water because it was infected with obvious parasites (not true) and the story that the Xbox console killed a teenager (not really).

The current argument on social media is that it’s not us, it’s what people want not to fly. Say, Ron. They control the content through algorithms that amplify the same content to extend the occupancy time, which in turn increases investment in advertising, he said.

New models will replace social media

Ron predicted that the new distribution models would replace social media as we know it today. Data protection regulations are the law in Europe and have become law in the United States. Antitrust is on the rise to challenge digital centers like Google, Facebook, and Amazon. We currently offer enhanced user privacy (Apple) and a cookie-free browser (Google).

There are four players in this challenge: existing social networks, regulators, consumers, and new technologies. Ron continues. we will see more regulatory action to address publishers’ lack of responsibility for user-generated content, better consumer education, and new tracking technologies. In the United States, interactive websites are protected by section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

Blockchain stories

Finally, we come to the cryptographic story. This requires some explanation.

The basis for cryptographic history is the non-replaceable signal (NFT). [It is] a unit of data stored in a digital ledger, blockchain, which certifies a digital asset as unique and therefore not interchangeable, Ron explains. NFTs can be used to store things like storing photos, displaying video, audio, and other types of digital files.

Crypto Score offers everyone a market to list and sell their digital assets using cryptocurrency. For example, The buyer buys a video with an exclusive digital certificate that guarantees exclusive ownership, explains Ron.

Sellers expect to buy their digital art in a way never seen before, and buyers expect to buy a digital asset that they can sell at a higher price at some point. / The seller, Percentage of all future transactions. The rules for e-commerce success also apply to the NFT market, because the creator must have a strong community of social media fans and active marketing efforts, said Ron.

NFTs are not limited to digital images. You can also find it on the virtual arcade, where fashion stores sell their virtual clothes to attract players’ avatars, said Ron. The NFT also helps to promote counterfeit products. This is critical, as the total trade in counterfeit products is approximately $ 4.5 billion and counterfeit products account for 60-70% of the value. Harvard Business Review described how luxury brands can fight. counterfeiters.

This is still the start for this emerging category and, like any other gold rush, driven by the forces of supply and demand, it will stabilize as soon as the rules are applied, he said.

Forgive the interruption

Ultimately, the visual history and its subsections must clear the clutter to reach the customer.

“The public is intimidated by traditional advertising methods,” said Ron. Many of the ads are based on interruptions, like the pop-up ad or the TV ad. At that point, probably a third of the cable TV audience will disappear in 2024 if you cut the cable to access the Internet. “I see visual storytelling as the next evolution in disruptive marketing,” said Ron. Brands are starting to produce their own documentaries and short films that tell stories to reach viewers. “Their waiting time is decreasing,” he said. “They don’t see it as an advertisement.”

It could be the 30 seconds of Panera test pants mentioned in the first part of this story. Or they can stay longer

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